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NameLove Talk
Package Namecom.zephyrmobile.thetalk
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Love Talk MOD APK is an interesting dating simulation game. Whether you’ve played a lot of similar games or not, come to Love Talk, the direct connection experience never seen before will bring a whole new feeling. 

Introduce about Love Talk

A Perfect love in the mobile simulation version

The place where you express your love opinion

Everyone has a different view of Love and the Ideal Lover. But no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, in the end, you will not be able to escape love. Things will be more complicated if you have a mysterious background or a complicated life situation or you are an overly sociable person. Love Talk will allow you to experience all kinds of different emotions. You will have to perform many tasks and challenges that the game offers. You will establish new relationships, improve existing relationships, find interesting and compatible friends, and begin your journey to find your true love.

Love Talk is a place where you show off your bravery as you go through a series of stories about love, relationships, and situations where important decisions are to be made. Not only do you watch the story progress, but you also can chat, flirt and experience romantic moments rarely seen in real life. Involved in those relationships with all those emotional experiences, you will eventually find your true love after all.

Unique Love Game

A special feature of Love Talk is that you can play two-player mode. Interestingly, you can invite your Lover or even Crush to play and write your own love story together.

The game system will create a series of interesting situations to connect you and your partner. Through small stories, you will slowly find out whether you are compatible with your partner or not and whether you should go further or just stop at the friendship in real life.

The game is virtual, but Love could be sometimes real

Although it’s just a virtual game, creating relationships and providing emotional situations, the choice and behavior between you and your partner will help you partly find out whether you are built for each other. Maybe it can let you understand your partner more and will open new Love opportunities for those who have only thought of being friends before. Love is always an unexpected mystery, isn’t it?

In short, this is a Love game that can be considered the most epic and attractive game today. Your task is to choose, find yourself interesting dialogues, and create romantic love stories. More specifically, you will chat with your partner, together share your life experiences and views in love. Through big and small stories and game situations, the game connects your emotions and lets you two slowly realize your true feelings for each other.

Your job is to find a partner to play with (who is currently just your friend or potential partner). Then let Love Talk take care of the rest. The game will create all conditions for you to connect with your partner and make friends with many different players around the world.

There are many chapters in the game. Each chapter will bring different emotional states, your relationship experience is therefore also different. There are many dialogues to choose from, you just need to choose and then everything will show up on the screen to send to your partner. When chatting, you two can send each other the most attractive pictures to admire together. If you find you do not fit the other, there’s no need to continue playing. You can log out and find someone else to chat with.

Love stories are not simple but challenging, and quite stressful

Sometimes things are not too light because the players from both sides can send each other tough questions, challenge their thinking, and force the other to express their feelings in a very short time frame. Depending on the request, you must choose from the given things to respond: an answer, the best picture, the worst picture, the cutest picture, etc. If you decide to go with someone you think can be a good match, you must obey the game rules: Accept and take responsibility. The principle of any relationship is always the same, even in a simulation game like Love Talk.

A little note for you: If you can quit talking to someone, they can do the same to you. So, choose carefully and really value each beginning. Be polite and patient too. Relationships are sometimes difficult to explain. You can love who you hate. Those are true situations in real life. So, who knows, maybe among the people you don’t like, there’s someone worth paying attention to.

MOD APK version of Love Talk

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamonds: No reduction in use!

Download Love Talk APK & MOD for Android

The game has romantic scenes and cool situations with beautiful pictures and a peaceful sound. It leads relationships so well, making sure you will understand more about your partner and build up a relationship together. This game is the best interactive virtual dating game that you should play for fun. And who knows? Maybe you can find your soulmate here!

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