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NameLove Island The Game
Package Namecom.fuseboxgames.loveisland
PublisherFusebox Games
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Download the MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) version of Love Island The Game to experience the stories in a perfect way.

Introduce about Love Island The Game

Visual novel games often have gentle gameplay like a TV series. You will be role-played as a character in the story, live a new life and experience events through the character’s perspective. Fusebox Games combined those elements to create Love Island The Game with the theme of Love Island – a reality TV show that was once broadcast on ITV and CBS.

If you ever wanted to participate in this program, but have not had the chance, Love Island The Game is your second chance for you!


Love Island The Game brings one-touch gameplay of the visual novel genre. You become the main character of a story, a drama, or a romance story. And you will interact with other characters through choice decisions.

This is done quite easily. When a character talks to someone, they will respond and the screen will give you a few answers to choose from.

The developer designs the game according to the storyline and individual chapters. Of course, you don’t have to play in sequence, because the content of each chapter is independent of each other. However, the system still suggests that you should experiment with the storyline before exploring individual chapters. The aim is for you to reach Love Island The Game in a natural and easy way.

Some chapters are free. But some chapters require you to use diamonds to unlock them.

Create your own character

Love Island The Game simulates stories in a very realistic way. The game seems to be allowing you to experience a whole new life. You can create for yourself an ideal role model that you have always dreamed of. Beautiful girl with long hair, along with a gorgeous dress.

But, Love Island The Game has more depth than that. You can even shape characters through decisions. And with each different personality, will lead you to a different story and a different ending. Do you want the main character girl to be a gentle girl, a bookworm or a personality girl, a queen of the party?

Write your love story

As the title suggests, this game has the theme of Love Island and through it, you will find yourself a boyfriend. It will come quickly. Guys will approach, chat and flirt with you. You may agree to get to know each other, go on a date and start a romance.

But sometimes, the breakup can also happen in Love Island The Game. The two have disagreements and cannot get along. You can offer to stop the relationship to embrace a new beginning. Who knows, good things are waiting ahead?

If all goes well, you can marry the guy you love. Love Island The Game has a chapter about the wedding and married life. Chances are, you will be delighted by the new, difference between dating and after getting married.


Love Island The Game’s graphics are symbolic 2D images. Although they don’t do any action during their interactions, the design team compensated for that with the characters’ authentic expressions. You can see the character’s radiant face along with the smile on her lips when she smiles, and you can also see sadness and disappointment when she ends a relationship or when she is faced with a something is not desirable.

The details on the body are also a highlight. Six-pack boys, hot girls with perfect three-round measurements. They are meticulously designed to increase realism.

MOD APK version of Love Island The Game

You can make Premium choices for free when using the MOD APK version that we provide.

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices
  • Outfits Unlocked

Download Love Island The Game MOD APK for Android

Although the gameplay between Love Island The Game and games like KIM KARDASHIAN, STARDOM: HOLLYWOOD is no different, each of them offers a different adventure. It gives you the opportunity to role-play, live a new life with charming guys. But besides that, there are dramas that make you feel confused.

Overall, Love Island The Game is one of the visual novel games with interesting content that you should not miss. The game also gives players the feeling of being immersed, not just offering options like a conventional visual novel game.

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