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You may find it boring with Shooting and killing games. It’s time to change the atmosphere a bit by playing some interactive novel games. The simple requirement is that the love story is as sensational as possible. So, today I would like to introduce to you a great love game, Love Choice APK.

Introduce about Love Choice

Among the game genres, the interactive novel is the simplest genre. Its interface is easy to understand, the gameplay is so simple that anyone can handle it without any skills or gaming experience. But the level of emotion, harmony, and ability to touch the player’s hearts is extremely high. There are good stories that go into people’s hearts many years later. And some stories leave an inconsolable obsession. Sometimes with this obsession, the players themselves must question their views on life.

And Love Choice is one of the above.

There is no room for boredom

Love Choice is an interactive novel game that couldn’t be more classic. You will play the main character in each story, attentively follow each development, and constantly make choices for each situation the game offers. That leads to your end. But the special thing is that there is not only one story, but you will also have many stories with different styles to freely interact with. Most of it starts with love and ends with love too.

There are many stories, each story is not too long or takes up a lot of time, and the genre is also rich. So, playing Love Choice has never been boring. Not to mention the situations (where you must make decisions) keep coming, and everything is quite difficult to decide. That ‘sweet stress’ will keep your heart and mind moving constantly.

Decisions are never easy

The Love Party in Love Choice has a lot of “spices”: horror, fantasy, adventure, spooky, criminal detective… You are free to play any role in any genre you like. The stories have one rule in common: no matter how smart and talented you are in real life when entering each of these worlds, let go of everything that you think is right. Just follow your heart, but remember to balance your mind, keep yourself carefree and live true to your heart.

There is no right or wrong for every choice you make, only whether you are satisfied with it or not. Sometimes you must decide between life and emotions, decide between the safety of another person and your selfish happiness, or choose between your heart or your mind. So, don’t be sad with a sad ending, and don’t be happy with a happy ending. Because assuming the story is true, would you dare rewrite your life the same way? That’s the question that torments me the most every time I play these interactive games.

The mistake is still mine. First, I want to play a love game. But it turned out to be a series of horrible detectives which are the background for a love story. I couldn’t leave it after playing for a while. Believe me, it could be a new type of addiction.

A world of freedom

You can freely create the character you are about to transform. Going into the story, depending on the situation, you can mix and match clothes, embellish accessories, and dress up with luxurious and sophisticated designer costumes. Those who like beauty will love this feature of Love Choice so much!

Some stories for you

Some of the most popular love stories in Love Choice must include the following:Demons in High Heels: a story about Lily. Lily worked at “Helluv”, a giant fashion Corporation in New York. But she did not expect that this place was also the place where supernatural powers were concentrated, and Lily’s life would be forever changed when she discovered this secret.

Runway Runaway: Caroline got cuckolded. But her ex suddenly regretted it and begged to come back to their relationship. But it was a bit late because there were many other offers of love around Caroline.

Love and Duty: the story of medieval France. Juliette was working in her father’s tavern, then the son of an earl kidnapped her and imprisoned her in the castle. Here she met a knight who wanted to save her from the dungeon, but he was besieged by loyalty. What would happen next?

My Roommate is a Spy: Lucy was looking for roommates and renters to share. The person who came to check-in was a handsome young man looking very serious. But he was hiding a terrible secret. And before he knew what it was, Lucy found himself being hunted by international spies.

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And it does not stop there, so many stories waiting for you ahead. Can you understand how generous the game is? In this interactive novel game, there is always a thing to make you satisfied. And many new stories are constantly being updated. Let’s change the wind a bit with this fun game, it is so exciting!

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