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Lord Of Dungeons is a game of management, building a kingdom combined with combat on mobile devices. The game is released by Two Hands Games, completely free install on Google Play and Apps Store. The game will take you to the most intense war kingdoms, where only the strongest is the last one. RPG style fighting attractive, Lord Of Dungeons have both novelty and familiar with the player. If you love game titles like Clash of Clan or Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, then you have no reason to skip this great game.


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Like some other games like Sid Meier’s Civilization VI or Clash Royale; this game is set in majestic medieval, where centuries-old battles between kingdoms and powerful clans exist. You are living in a small kingdom in a valley with rugged terrain, near mountains, and forests. This was a strong fortress against invaders from neighbouring countries. Not only that, there are still humid, dark shelters that store thousands of secrets of the king or the bravest warriors in the war.


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Starting the game, you have to build a kingdom of your own from the meager raw materials and some of the basic works that the game offers you. To exploit natural resources such as wood, gold, stone, etc. to build huge projects. The house, the shopping center, the military training area, … are all you can build. Create crowded, bustling cities. Become the eminent king of your kingdom, do everything a king can do. Increasingly, people are increasingly dragging your kingdom on a crowded, turning your kingdom into the crowded town.

And sure enough, the neighboring countries will not let you be able to easily grow the kingdom growing day by day. They will always want to send troops to looting, destroying the city you build. However, you do not need to worry, because Lord Of Dungeons also has a very special military recruitment system. Recruit the strongest warriors of the kingdom to protect the people from the attacks. In addition, the world of Lord Of Dungeons exist monsters living around the kingdom. They always stalk to kidnap, eat human flesh. Get rid of these monsters to bring back the treasures they are hiding.

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In particular, the military in the game is a combination of elements of war and divine elements. This will make the battle in the game more novel than ever. Each hero has different powers, ranging from wizards, gladiators, gunners to assassins with tremendous damage. Even Lord Of Dungeons has infamous thieves for you to own if you want. Upgrade your bases to unlock the most powerful heroes. In addition, you can recruit by participating in events in the game.

Lord Of Dungeons has a unique game mode, which makes the game special. There are thousand-year-old monsters like Minos, Dungeon Lord, Zombie King and more. Win hundreds of stages, bring rare items or equipment to upgrade your army as well as your kingdom. In addition, you are also assigned, save the other players in this game. Exchanging rare materials, helping each other winning the hard stages to form powerful alliances in Lord Of Dungeons. However, in each battle, you can not control your heroes, the characters automatically fight. So I feel this is one of the less interesting points in this game.

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In terms of graphics, Lord Of Dungeons is built on an impressive 3D platform. Chibi-style characters look extremely cute, fun. In particular, you will be accompanied by beautiful girls, sexy in the process of playing. This girl will guide you through playing until you become a well-known player.

In general, Lord Of Dungeons is not so distinctive but interesting enough for everyone. Download Lord Of Dungeons APK for Android and iOS to enter into this unending battle.

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