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NameLittle Inferno
PublisherTomorrow Corporation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Let me begin with a question. What do you often do to lighten your mood? Burning a diary/ a screaming robot/ credit cards/ batteries/ exploding fish OR activating giant nuclear devices OR even setting a fire on a small galaxy, etc. Could all those crazy fires warm your heart? Yes, or no? Let’s try Little Inferno MOD APK to get the answer.

Introduce about Little Inferno

Do you believe you can warm the heart by burning things?


Here’s the thing. You received a message from Miss Nancy, the head of Tomorrow Corporation, the creator of the Little Inferno cheerful fireplace in front of you. This customer congratulatory letter is also the first thing you can burn. Then after a while, you got another letter from Sugar Plumps, another customer of the above company. Sugar Plumps and you become friends, and Sugar would send you some items to burn again.

Little Inferno MOD by APKMODY

Coincidentally, Sugar is your neighbor in real life. Subsequent letters gradually revealed Sugar’s inner darkness. They explained her sadness, loneliness, and despair. Understanding the source of this sadness, you can solve the big twist in the story and understand the value of the flames from the cheerful fireplace.

An adventure of feeling

Little Inferno is a pretty weird indie game. You will join an adventure in a space surrounded by dark walls, an old fireplace, and a black chimney. Yeah. This adventure is not like many other classic games but a feeling adventure.

The initial feeling is quite stuffy and uncomfortable when you witness a static and dark screen. The surrounding scenery is nothing special. But later, the dramatic experience will make you wonder many times, “What the hell game is?”.


In terms of gameplay, Little Inferno can be considered a puzzle game because it requires a bit of thinking and reasoning. But the progression in the game has small changes to make you feel like an adventure game. Well, with weird games like this, it’s best not to ask what kind of game it is. Very difficult to answer. The only thing you should do is to experience and feel.

It is extremely simple to play. Indeed, there is nothing to say. You only need to do one thing: Burn everything that appears on the screen. Well, how can I describe it, it’s exactly about getting everything burned, nothing more. Just burn, burn, and burn.

Little Inferno for Android

But that process turned out to be quite difficult. It can be addictive at any time! Like opium infiltrating the body a little bit every day, until you realize it, it will be so difficult to leave the game.

You can order any item from the in-game Product Catalog. These items are then placed in the fireplace ready for you to fire. When you want to put an item into the fireplace, you just need to touch and drag it to the desired position. The next step, of course, is to set fire to the item. After that, you receive coins to buy many other objects that are bigger and greater for a more exciting experience.

Now it’s time to talk about the hidden beauty of Little Inferno

The first is the Combo system. This is a complete surprise. When I saw this “phenomenon” appeared, I was stunned for a few seconds. You know, the concept of combos has always appeared in fighting games or RPG combat. But in a game like this, that Combo can be a first. Some items burned will produce combo results, giving you more bonuses and special tickets, so you don’t have to wait when you buy new items. For example, for a watch attached to a nuclear bomb, you will get a destructive device with a timer, ready to create a series of terrible combos when set on fire.

You can play and find out the formula of the combos yourself. Or you can refer to the list and names of combos in the Catalog section in the upper right corner of the screen. The more combos you have, the more chances you have to get new products. When you complete all 7 Catalogs and 99 combos of the game, you conquer the game.

Mystery from the letters

When you get used to the fire, the game will send you letters from different characters. This is exactly how Little Inferno creates its storyline. There are also some warning letters when you hesitate for too long while the fireplace is full of items. “Hey, the goods have arrived, why not burn it; “Hello, is anyone there? Why is there no movement?” Yeah, that’s what this game is about.

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Those letters are the explanation for the coldness in the souls of the cheerful fireplace owners. And they are also what brings you to the final answer in the game.

Good medicine for the heart

The 3D design in Little Inferno is super cool. It’s fascinating in a strange way. The charm is not in the setting or the surroundings or the purchased objects. But it lies in the effects and movements in the process of burning each item. Each item has its look when burned, just like in real life. The paper is blackened and then instantly disintegrates to ashes. The plastic melts. And the robot jerks for a long time before it burns… These can help you relax.

Your heart will be soothed once listening to the excellent sounds in Little Inferno. Each item not only burns in its way but also emits a unique sound, especially some strange items such as fireworks, spider eggs… The sound is very good. Remember to plug in external speakers or wear headphones to enjoy all the essence, guys!

MOD APK version of Little Inferno

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


After you earn or use money, you will have unlimited money.

Download Little Inferno APK & MOD free for Android

It is such a beautiful game. It can be thought to be simple and boring at first, but you will soon find it surprisingly delicate. You should try it once, the feeling of burning things is very good. Beware of addiction, guys!

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