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Little Ant Colony APK + MOD (Unlimited Food/DNA/Sugar) v3.4.1

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NameLittle Ant Colony
Package Namecom.ants.idlegame
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Food/DNA/Sugar
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Little Ant Colony is a casual game from the publisher Gismart. You will lead a colony of ants with the task of collecting all available food and bringing it back to the nest.

Introduce about Little Ant Colony

The idle ant colony game is now available on mobile!

Gaming has never been this easy

If you take a look at the gameplay from previous players on Youtube, you will see that this game is like a super idle game. The only action you have to do is looking at the screen, monitoring the progress, and touching to select one of the function blocks below.

Specifically, the game screen will have the following blocks for you to follow:

  • Ant Colony: displays your Level, the number of ants you have, and the loading percentage for the ants to have new teammates.
  • Increase Max limit: displays the amount of food required to produce maximum DNA accelerating for the current ant colony.
  • Fast refill: tells you the food needed to make DNA and produce new ants to replenish the colony.
  • Ant Power: tells you the amount of food needed to increase the strength of the ants.
  • Food Upgrade: signals that the food in the nest has been raised to a new level. When the food is power-up, the DNA production speed for the left-hand functional blocks is also faster.

At the bottom are the blocks: Map, Skin, Growth, Store like other simulation games.

Collect all the food and bring it back to the nest

At first, you were just a lonely ant. But by diligently bringing the food home, you gradually have enough DNA to have more new ants. Now it can be called an ant colony. And no matter how many more your family members are, your task is only around picking up food to bring back to the nest.

The game has nothing to do with the mind or brain. The only thing you must focus on is consideration and choice. With the two blocks on the left, Increase Max limit and Fast refill: one is to increase the speed and keep the amount standstill, the other is to increase the amount and keep the speed standstill. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, each time, it will require different amounts of food to perform.

In the beginning, you will need more allies. And when the number of ants is enough, you must consider the speed and strength of the whole family (the strength is shown in the Ant Power box on the right). The strategy (in combination, increasing or holding on) will show your strategic ability and observation, and judgment. Each decision you make will affect the ant colony’s “predation time”. Of course, the faster you get, the more points and more food you accumulate for the next rounds.

Note for those who are about to play

There is a note that when you are eager to increase the number of ants too much, an inevitable consequence will be that the path of the whole ant colony will be crowder, making the total time for one to move to retrieve prey will be more. Because they have to avoid each other and the game doesn’t have a “traffic jam” mode, it forces them to go around wide to not bump into friends. So, you need to take into consideration this matter.

Well, the game rounds are only different in the Level signal line in the Ant Colony box below and the type of food that the ants are gradually bringing back. The surrounding landscape remains unchanged. This small change also brings a lot of excitement, especially when the feeding speed of the whole team is getting faster and faster, the food is also diverse and looks better.

Besides accumulating points and food, if you play well, complete the mission quickly, you will get special rewards in the form of diamonds. Diamonds will be equivalent to a lot of DNA for you to freely speed up, increase the number of or power up the ants and continue your lifelong mission.

Little Ant Colony is classified as an Idle simulation, which means that you can play it no matter how lazy you are. You almost don’t need to do anything, just calculate the food distribution, the game will automatically produce DNA and do the corresponding functions. And each ant, when joining the team, will automatically work as hard as a machine. One by one, they kept running back and forth without stopping for a second to continuously retrieve their prey back to the nest. You don’t need to control them and worry about any lazy ants. The only lazy person is the one who is playing this game hehe.

Graphics and sound

Little Ant Colony uses 3D graphics but at an extremely minimalist level. The background scene is completely still, not moving, just creating shadows for a little more vividness. What really moves and brings a lot of excitement to the whole experience are the ants. Whether it is one, two, or a hundred ants, each one’s running movements are rhythmic, smooth, seamless and especially there is never a “traffic jam” on the road. Looking at the whole running back and forth is also so exciting.

The sound is mainly background music, which is gentle, simple, nothing tiring for genuine entertainment.

MOD APK version of Little Ant Colony

MOD features

  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited DNA
  • Unlimited Sugar

Download Little Ant Colony MOD APK for Android

Little Ant Colony is extremely relaxing, that’s great for killing time. It takes a bit of ingenuity and forethought while playing to choose between the elements of acceleration, but it is almost impossible to make it difficult for anyone. Play it now, everyone. It’s so cute!

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