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NameLiberty City
Package Namecom.yoozoo.codeg
PublisherYouzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Liberty City APK from publisher Youzu, will make you excited with the thrilling action, combining the style between strategy and modern gangster combat.

Introduce about Liberty City

Liberty City, the story of disgruntled heroes


Liberty City is inspired by GTA. It also has a story about the “hero” of the underworld but combines strategy into action. The story is about a guy Arthur, after a quarrel, beat his superiors once and was officially fired. His lover who despised him also kicked him aside. To regain your lost self-respect, to get revenge on that obnoxious girl, and above all, to assert a certain position in society, he did a lot of crazy things and lived defiantly like the main gangster.

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But it all means nothing because, in the end, you are just a lone wolf. Wolves must have a pack. At this point, with some twist of fate, you meet your childhood best friend, Bev. She now is a member of the Brotherhood. And you know this is your chance. You decide to join the Brotherhood and together with your friends rule Liberty City.


GTA is known by everyone in the world. This series has created a trend, a completely new direction that has swayed generations. The story of the generous and heroic pimps in GTA is also the inspiration for many spin-off games, especially on mobile. People play these mini-games because they have shorter plots, which are largely discontinuous. Or maybe it’s because the compact configuration is lighter, or because the gameplay is easier than the original version. Everyone has their own reason. But if you’re looking for an alternative game to GTA, you can try Liberty City.

The character you’re embodying can customize the Mafia-style Cool Outfits and Equipment. Cool coastal suits, camouflage jackets… The deeper you dive into the missions in the Liberty City world, the more opportunities you’ll have to showcase your style and power with fashion collections and equipment that the game prepares. From a normal muscular guy, turn your character into a mafia guy who goes everywhere in Liberty City by collecting and constantly upgrading and changing the appearance.

A special feature in Liberty City, as I mentioned above, is a blend of strategy and mafia action. In this game, you will have many leaders and many “heroes”. This means that you can mix and match these characters like a mix of champions and heroes in a classic strategy game. To create an exciting lineup of Brotherhood, with the ability to customize the squad and rich skills, you can control the situation and turn it around if you use this combination well.

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At Liberty City, you can do a lot of things, although not all like in GTA, with the diversity of these activities, this game has also brought you a lot of great experiences. Acquire new brothers after fighting for a familiar battle, destroy enemy gang bases, defeat an oligarch to raise the Brotherhood to a higher position, avenge teammates, bombard houses gang, fight face-to-face with other powerful gangs, drive supercars on the road, retreat to the mansion to live a luxurious life in his spare time: gym, swimming, playing tennis, partying with girls she is on fire… There are tons of things to do and explore as you dive into the story.

Controls in Liberty City are also quite simple. The game will offer many quests to connect the main story. These tasks will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen along with the location map. The upper right corner is the character’s stars and points. The bottom corner is the skill of fighting, running, shooting… When you defeat the enemy, you will get the loot that is their weapon put in the inventory. These toys in Liberty City are also quite diverse. Each gun has its own set of power metrics: Damage, Accuracy, Handling, Rate of Fire, Magazine Capacity…

Diverse game modes

Intended for newcomers to the same theme as the legendary GTA and is for mobile players, so Liberty City has an AFK game mode.

When playing in this mode, you do not need to be too strategic. Because it is put on mobile, the automatic intelligence of the AI ​​is quite high. It will help you free a little to continue to score points in your mafia journey.

As a professional mafia guy, you have unlimited access to FBI Headquarters, where there are lots of rewards and thrilling challenges every day, or anytime you play online. You can come here, join any situation you like to test your fighting skills. This is also how you come more into the world of Liberty City.

Graphics and sound

Liberty City is a third-person action strategy game. The entire setting, action style, and progression are all built in the modern world. This third-person perspective also allows you to see the whole scene unfold and admire the entire fascinating world in the game. You can freely walk along the streets and immerse yourself in every vivid detail while playing Liberty City.

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Character creation is also quite good. Of course not as unique as the original GTA, but the way Liberty City describes its main and secondary characters also gives enough impressions of each person’s personality and abilities. You will have stylish clothes, some fiery girls, a fleet of supercars, and modern guns. All are available and are described quite nicely. Importantly, Liberty City is lighter than GTA, so it will be more suitable for those of you who are using mid-range smartphones or higher.

Accompanied by it is a pretty decent sound. Although there are not too many raiding scenes like in the original version, the fights and power struggle full of weapons in Liberty City also promise to make you happy. Remember to plug in your headphones to increase the excitement.

Download Liberty City APK for Android

The game is based on GTA but has its own substance. This is your chance to warm up slightly before officially rolling into the real GTA. Live your life to the fullest and climb to the top as a mafia with this exciting action strategy game Liberty City.

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