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Leturn APK + MOD (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) v2.88

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Package Namecom.nijigames.leturn
PublisherNiji Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Leturn MOD APK is a tower defense game combined with card role-playing from the publisher Niji Games. In the game, you are the leader of the Mage/ wizards to protect the holy land of Leturn from the threat of the rising dark forces.

Introduce about Leturn

Let’s seek allies and save the holy land of Leturn together with the great Fire Mage!


The holy land of Leturn is going through its darkest days, in danger of being invaded by a powerful rising dark force. If they continue to collect all the fragments of a great ruin of the world, it would be possible to create a great disaster that would wipe out everything and take over the entire Leturn region. Xenos is a Fire Mage who is currently Leturn’s only and last hope. He will gather his allies and fight against the dark monsters.

The mode gives you many options from leisure to stress

Leturn has 4 attractive game modes: Quest, Adventure, Defend, and Academy. Quest is a mode that helps you learn about all the enemies at the boss level, which will help you win hundreds of battles when you step through Adventure mode. Adventure is an entire 136-scene adventure of you and your allied mages. Defend only just requires you and your teammates to protect the holy land, it does not focus too much on attacking or learning secrets related to the plot. Finally, Academy allows you to learn and collect skills and magic before entering the real battle.

In each game scene, the main menu on the right side of the screen will always show the elements of Settings, Mail, Coupon, First Recharge for you to easily follow the action and progress of the story. Depending on your current interests or mood, you can choose the corresponding game mode. Short-term, long-term, instant mode, learning, training… are all here.

The interesting gameplay that combines a variety of unexpected spectacular genres

Leturn is the perfect combination of tower defense style and champion card role-playing. It also allows players to customize even more when they can change the battlefield, develop their characters in their battle groups, and get extremely powerful magic abilities.

The ability to arrange formations and combine spells with skills will help you win the enemy

You can choose your character as one of three knights: Xenos, Aria, Windy. Each character will have detailed information about Class, Spell, and Equipment attached. Players can customize the character to their liking until they have the most suitable and strongest defense before each battle. Making the most of the Global Spells feature will help you collect and use the best magic, and combine with the fighting and defense skills of each character to get the most glorious victories.

Large and small enemies will appear in turn with different powers and tricks. You need to have a clear strategy, arrange the Mage squad in the appropriate team, use all the skills with the highest countermeasures. Whoever is skillful in the arrangement will have a better chance of winning the enemy.

Fantasy-style scenery that takes you into a dreamlike magical world

Each round will take you to a new land across the map of the magical world. You may go up to the mountain, into the cave, into the desert, get lost in the deep forest, or float on a floating island… Each place has its unique scenery and colors. All of them appear on the map with mysterious names: Elym, Elio, Ullecia, Vermilios, Aridolva, White Haven… And there are many big and small secrets hidden around that if you want to solve them, you will have to communicate constantly with NPCs to collect the necessary hints for your adventure.

About graphics and sounds

Although the game revolves around the Mages of the 5 elements and the battle with the evil forces, the rhythm and colors are very cheerful and lively. Legendary animated style 2D graphics with beautiful spaces, dreamy lands only in your imagination will take you into a fantasy world when playing the game. Not to mention the sparkling beauty of the characters. Everything exudes a romantic, dreamy and magical look.

The background for everything is a melodious, gentle melody mixed with suspenseful rhythms when it comes to battle screens. Moderation, worthiness, and emotional sublimation are what you can feel about the sound.

MOD APK version of Leturn

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold/Diamonds

You can buy anything, even your Gold and Diamonds is 0.

Note, please don’t use MOD feature in Academy.

Download Leturn MOD APK for Android

Although storytelling with static images interspersed with each scene is a classic, it really fits well with all that Leturn is bringing to the player. The game is true light entertainment, in which the tactical requirements are not too high, the battles are not too tiring and stressful. What you need to do is to relax, calm down, follow each page of the story and immerse yourself in the characters. That’s all.

What are you waiting for? Let’s download Leturn now.

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