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Let’s Fish APK + MOD (Instant Fishing, Fishing Line Never Breaks) v6.1.1

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NameLet’s Fish
Package Nameair.com.tensquaregames.letsfish
PublisherTen Square Games
MOD FeaturesInstant Fishing, Fishing Line Never Breaks
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Let’s Fish MOD APK is indeed a fishing game for playing on mobile. It has beautiful images, fast and neat gameplay, presenting incredible fishing scenes. It promises to make you addicted!

Introduce about Let’s Fish

Let’s fish and enjoy the fun!

Impressive numbers in Let’s Fish

There are so many beautiful fishing places in this game. You will in turn go through more than 60 different fishing places around the world such as the Mekong River, Qinghai Lake, Cape Horn, Rio Negro, Alaska, Norwegian Fjords, American Lakes, South American rivers/oceans, etc. All are famous names, right? These places have their specific fish species, and their soil and weather are also different. You will need to choose for yourself the most reasonable fishing tools including fishing rod, hook, fishing line, fishing net, bait, sink bait, visor… And start experiencing the great fishing day!

The game has more than 650 different fish species of all kinds. From small fishes like catfish, albacore, and skipjack, to mid-sized fishes like bass, trout, and swordfish, and even so-called mega fishes like carp, great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, whales…


The gameplay is very simple. Choose a location on the map, choose fishing gear, cast a fishing rod, and wait for the fish. When you see the fishing rod move, you need to touch and move the rod to a circular point on the water, then release your hand. That is the best vantage point to pull the rod. At this time, the fish will appear, and the corresponding score will be announced on the screen.

Let’s Fish is quite different from the fishing games I’ve played. Its dynamic, neat, and fast gameplay mechanic is well suited for mobile play. No need to set up or prepare for the fishing trip too much. And there are also no cumbersome parts of leveling up and unlocking locations. Playing is enjoying the feeling of going fishing. It is quick but the experience it brings is not “instant noodles” at all.

Although it is said to be quick fishing, you should pay attention to the weather factor a bit. Let’s Fish has a strategy for summer and winter fishing sessions. With these two very different weather conditions, you will need different fishing gear respectively. And of course, the type of fish we are about to face is also completely different. The scenery also changes through each season. Amid that beautiful natural scenery, you will stand on the fishing wharf, enjoy the space, stare at the lake, and wait for the fish to bite. That feeling of sublimation can only be understood by those who love fishing so much.

Various fishing tools

For each place, you need to choose a compatible bait and kit to match the fish species and terrain. Feel free to replace bait. It cannot just be ordinary worms but can be flies (to catch small fishes) and of course, you can even use small fishes to catch big fishes.

After choosing the fishing bait, it’s time to prepare a reasonable “kit” including fishing rod, hook, fishing line, reel, net, bait, ground bait. With other fishing games, sometimes you must play for a while to open the specialized fishing gear, but here, you just need to choose. There is nothing complicated because everything is already available in the game storage.

Well, to choose the most reasonable items, you need to read carefully about the description of the fishing places, the types of fish there (their sizes, their favorite foods), etc. All this brief but useful information is included in the instructions for each scene.

Compete with other players and get more fun

Well, it can be boring when fishing alone. There will be times you want to compete with other players. PvP mode in Let’s Fish will help you do that. Join fishing tournaments, step into big and small in-game events to win fishing championships every week. You are free to choose the scene and the fishing tools. And when playing multiplayer, you are forced to use your experience and knowledge to guess what kind of fish is in the upcoming environment to be well prepared and win against the opponent.

This is the big challenge in competitive mode. Of course, we can’t find sharks in cold waters, and we can’t catch salmon and sea bass with just a tiny and fragile fishing rod. Depending on the location, you must think to choose the right tools, guys.

MOD APK version of Let’s Fish

MOD features

  • Instant Fishing
  • Fishing Line Never Breaks

Download Let’s Fish APK & MOD for Android

The fishing game is neat, easy to understand. There is no need for complicated preparation, just go in and enjoy the exciting fishing moments. Too many locations with more than 650 species of fish are waiting for you. Such a big number! Not many current fishing games have it. Hey fishing enthusiasts! Let’s download Let’s Fish immediately to enjoy!

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