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Legends Royale is about to release the official version for Android. You can download this online FPS battle royale game on APKMODY to enjoy the fierce battles!

Introduce about Legends Royale

Counter-Strike is a legendary FPS shooter game, associated with many people’s childhoods. It has fairly simple gameplay when two sides of the police and terrorists try to destroy each other to win. But sometimes, players feel that is not enough, they want more content and features than that. And that’s why Legends Royale was developed to meet everyone’s needs.

Legends Royale has quite a few game modes. And the gameplay in each type has its own differences, creating a new feeling when experiencing. Although Legends Royale does not have a plot like Ghosts of War: WW2 Shooting games, Call of Duty: Mobile or some other shooting games, Legends Royale will make you fascinated by its eye-catching graphics and extremely unique guns!

Show off your aiming ability

I guess most people who are reading this article have played through FPS games. They have fairly simple gameplay, players have easy access to the way the game works, although the controls are a bit strange. You will have to adjust the direction of movement, the crosshair and choose actions such as aiming, shooting, reloading, bombing, changing weapons, … respectively when on the battlefield. And if you are really a newbie, you will be guided by the game system and put in a training course to improve your abilities.

Legends Royale gameplay

And as mentioned, the battles in Legends Royale consist of two teams. Everyone try to team up to defeat every other opponent. The map is built quite in detail. In addition to supporting each other, you and your teammates can also take advantage of the terrain to perform stealth and create surprise attacks.

Collect powerful guns

Legends Royale has an extremely rich collection of guns. Here you can find almost any kind, from pistols, machine guns, submachine guns, rifles and more. The guns are mostly taken from real life, but they have been added with cool-looking skins.

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In general, each gun has its own character. Some have a very fast rate of fire, others have high firepower or even mortar or cluster bullets. However, it is accompanied by a finite number of points, such as recoil, aiming ability, or impact level. You can learn about these features on your own as you play.

And of course, to get your favorite guns, you will have to spend a lot of time playing and recording achievements. The guns will unlock when your achievement is satisfactory, and with a certain amount of money. Please visit the store to check the information more clearly!

Unlock unique outfits to your characters

Characters in Legends Royale are only iconic, not including upgrades, rank systems and equipment additions like Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. However, you can still customize the character so that she has a more fiery body or whatever style you want. Legends Royale offers a wide range of character costumes. Some are available for sale in the store, others as rewards in the quest system or special events. Take for example a lab outfit, a dry skeleton, or a hot female task force’s outfit.

Legends Royale apk
Play and collect your favorite skins!

Choose your favorite mode

Legends Royale has a lot of game modes to choose from, including Warline, Deathmatch, defense mode or unlimited mode. All of them are played online, so you’ll have to have a stable internet connection to connect with other real players.

Download Legends Royale APK for Android

Although Legends Royale has not been officially launched, the game is being approached by a lot of people and expressed their excitement. If you love shooting action games and are looking for a realistic environment, you can try Legends Royale. Start your own fight, show off your marksmanship and eliminate all opponents.

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