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Summary about Legends of Valkyries MOD APK

NameLegends of Valkyries
Latest Version1.7.0.1
MOD Features God Mode/Damage/Dumb Enemies
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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When I was a child, I have read a Nordic mythology about the beautiful warrior goddess Valkyries. They are Warrior woman riding the flying horse, serving Odin and carrying out the mission to protect Asgard.

I like to learn about the legends of Nordic mythology such as Balder, Bragi, Thor, and I am particularly impressed by the Valkyries – the bravest goddesses I’ve ever known. I read the stories, the movies about them and their battle. If you’ve ever watch Thor 3: Ragnarok, you know the Valkyrie character – played by Tessa Thompson, who fought to protect Asgard in Ragnarok with Thor. Based on that inspiration, the publisher MeoGames created Legends of Valkyries, a turn-based RPG game on Google Play in November this year.

A Nordic mythology

Legends of Valkyries story

The content of Legends of Valkyries is based on a Nordic mythology of the Valkyrie. Valkyries are the only goddess capable of deciding who will die in battle. One day, curious girls found mysteries buried in an ancient arena. Throughout the game is the adventures of the Valkyries with their friends as they journey through the arena and fight the enemy. They realize that Asgard is in danger from dark forces in outer space. As the leader of Valkyries, you need to find a mystery of thousand years, unleash the power and command the warriors against the dark forces wanting to destroy Asgard.


Legends of Valkyries gameplay

Legends of Valkyries is a turn-based action RPG. Entering the game you will transform into a goddess to fight alongside other Valkyries. You will have to pass each stage with increasing difficulty so that you continue to unlock the map. During the battle, do not forget to pick up items, gems, and equipment as these fall off. They will make your character stronger.

A familiar turn-based style but not boring because it has unique features and impressive controls. It’s not just rushing in the battle to fight like other role-playing games, Legends of Valkyries has a lot of tactical elements that require players to calculate, develop the team in the most appropriate way.

Unlock ne Valkyries

Legends of Valkyries heroes

The game has many Valkyries warriors, divided into 5 class include Guardian, Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Support. Each girl has unique strengths and roles such as attacking, defending or healing the entire team, and you are only allowed to select up to 3 Valkyries in each of the battles. Each Valkyrie has four basic skills and one ultimate skill. They have four stats including Attack, Survive, Control and Support.

When using skills, you should pay attention to the amount of mana and cooldown. Because of mana is quite little, I recommend that you should limit your use of continuous skills. Besides, Valkyries are also divided into categories ranging from C to SS. You can unlock the heroes by gold or diamond.

Graphics and sound are a masterpiece

Legends of Valkyries graphics

Legends of Valkyries have beautiful 3D graphics, the style of Nordic myths. The most attractive is the Valkyrie goddesses – beautiful girls with cute voices. I can’t deny that. When playing, I was completely conquered by the girls in the game.

When talking about this game, it is impossible not to mention the great sound effects and impressive epic songs. All bring you the best audio experience in a turn-based RPG.

What new in Legends of Valkyries MOD?

When choosing Legends of Valkyries MOD, you will be offered the following features:

  • Massive damage
  • God mode
  • Dumb enemies (Enemies can not use skills)

I love this game. What about you?

In general, Legends of Valkyries is an extremely addictive turn-based strategy game. If you like games that have a mythical background or want to find difficult challenges, this is a game that you should try once. Currently, the game is only for Android devices, you can download it via the links below the article.

Download Legends of Valkyries (MOD & Original APK)

  • Legends of Valkyries for Android APK - v1.7.0.1
  • Legends of Valkyries for Android APK (MOD God Mode/Damage/Dumb Enemies) - v1.7.0.1

Notes: Please select a link to download Legends of Valkyries for free. You can choose the MOD (God Mode/Damage/Dumb Enemies) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

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