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Package Namecom.aryasgames.zombieseverywhere
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

LegendArya APK is the latest action game by Soner Altincit, which brings you extremely touching stories. Download the game, accompanying the main characters to fight and protect the world.

Introduce about LegendArya


LegendArya’s story begins with a recording of the missing doctor. He sent a warning to the city’s biggest hospital that the zombie epidemic was spreading quickly. Many people believe that he is crazy and he fantasizes too much. He presented a zombie theory last year but was disproved and fired shortly after.

The 12-year-old boy is the main character of the story. Before his parents’ disappearance, his dad told him: “Don’t lose your teddy bear Minnos, you two will save the world together”. Turns out, they already knew this pandemic was a factor to come, so they issued a warning and hid the disarming recipe to cure the zombie virus inside the teddy. It’s called “Doctor Crazy’s”. And now, you will go home with the boy to get the teddy bear Minnos, in the hope of bringing the world back to equilibrium.


Your goal in this game is to bring the boy home to get the teddy bear named Minnos. He is in a very remote place, and he will have to face thousands of zombies so that he can move through each area of the city.

Overall, it has been a long journey, filled with fear and danger. But how can we overcome it? The system has provided you with a gun, and you will use it to find the key of the game – Minnos.

In the introduction, the system gives a series of control instructions. You will touch and drag in the directions for the character to move, tap on the screen to shoot. This is quite simple when you don’t need to aim by yourseft. The character will do it for you.

However, that simplicity did not last forever. Later levels are designed in more detail. A crosshair icon appears on the screen, and you need to move it towards the zombies to shoot.

Another thing, the future levels will become more difficult. That means, you will have to face a large number of zombies, while they tend to grow stronger, move faster, have more defense and more HP. Then, you need to have a weapon that is strong enough, while attacking the weak point (head) to defeat the enemy with only one bullet.

The gun system

LegendArya has a diverse gun system with hundreds of guns, and they are powerful tools to help you pass the levels quickly.

By default, you are given a pistol. This gun seems to be only suitable for the first 10 levels, or levels with a sparse zombie count. But later on, you can take advantage of the bonus after each win to buy a more powerful pistol like DE or even a shotgun.

Weapons are very important, because they help you kill zombies more quickly. If you can’t break the surrounding zombie siege, they will turn you into your kind in the blink of an eye.


Besides weapons, the character is also a feature in LegendArya. They have a Boosters stats, including: (Speed), Stamina and Accuracy. All of them can be upgraded.

Some special characters will have an infinite stat type. However, you will have to pay a large amount of money to buy them in the store. And according to what I experience, the character costing 80,000 coins has been upgraded to all personal stats and has an infinite magazine. He is really suitable to accompany you on your journey to find the bear Minnos.

More zombies, more fun

LegendArya is one of the coolest action games I’ve ever known. Even if you have a powerful gun and your character has all stats upgraded, but if you lack smart moves, you will become a loser.

LegendArya’s gameplay also focuses on accuracy. You need to continuously expand the path for the character, move forward / backward properly so that dozens of zombies can not corner you. When moving to a new area in the same map, you should get an overview of the surrounding terrain, then get closer to zombies and attack them.

More than that, ammunition cannot be purchased during play. You will have to save ammo and reload continuously by collecting cartridges on the battlefield. Holding a gun out of ammunition, how is it different from waiting for death?

Download LegendArya APK for Android

Clear your boring times with LegendArya. This shooting action game will give you a great experience. Whether the journey to find the teddy bear Minnos will be like? Will the world be saved or be engulfed by the zombie epidemic?

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