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NameLegend of the Animal Spirit
Package Namestudio.genius.momotaro
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Legend of the Animal Spirits is a visual novel game from the publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc. This game incorporates elements of simulation and classic storytelling. If you are curious about a game about the sacred animal spirit world, try playing this game.

Introduce about Legend of the Animal Spirits

The visual novel game combines simulation to bring a deep legendary story


Deep in a forest, where ordinary people cannot find, all things are still living peacefully together. Suddenly one day, the evil forces rose to rage and spread throughout the deep forest. It grows and destroys anything it touches. Anything it passes through or accidentally hits this dark energy must die, whether it is plants or animals. Every time it wakes up, strange shapes begin to arise, zigzagging everywhere and chasing anything it stumbles upon on its way. In the forest, fortunately, some remaining sacred souls promise to bring protection and regain inherent peace. These three mascot spirits decided to leave the forest, find a guide and guide them to find a way to save all species from this great tribulation.

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The character you play is an impartialist. Life around is always filled with joy and only pink. It’s New Year’s Eve now, and you’ve just drawn a lottery that’s said to be the luckiest of the year. You bounce into school after the day off and realize that the class has just added 3 new friends: three girls named Inori, Yuuko, and Coco. You have fun, get along with them as you did with other friends. But gradually, you realize they have something different. The time when all three appeared at the same time also seemed strange. They often lose their temper and act very instinctively. And especially, all three girls pay special attention to you.

All these questions are gradually revealed through the events and details in the game. You may be the chosen one, it’s not fate, it’s not fate, it’s just that you have the qualities to completely become the leader they are looking for to free the forest from the evil forces.

The embodiment and personality of the 3 main female characters in the game

Yuuko: sly and haughty. Yuuko is the embodiment of wild wolves. She always wants to receive the respect and submission of others. When something happens, Yuuko’s instinct is always to actively attack to protect herself. It will be difficult for her to understand the value of kindness and tolerance.

Yuuko’s life motto is “The only way to protect what you love is to fight, with fangs and claws”.

Inori: The embodiment of Sun Wukong’s personality. Regardless of using some sly technique for anecdotes or teasing big people, Inori’s nature is curious and loves to explore. She is especially interested (and good at) in technology and computers, especially jobs that require observation and follow-up. Will she become a positive factor for the group?

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Coco: has the friendly personality of a colorful little parrot. Coco is innocent, cheerful, fun, easy to remember, easy to forget, live by emotions, and just wants to have fun. She didn’t want to upset anyone even if it was her classmates or respected teachers.

A visual novel game combined with simulation

Legend of the Animal Spirits is a visual novel game that combines simulation. With a pretty compelling narrative (but sometimes quite lengthy, like the beginning of the story for example), Legend of the Animal Spirits will lead you to a lot of details and situations that require judgment, decisions, and your thoughts.

Deeply and subtly, the game gently leads the player into the legendary world of animals. You can not only see but also watch, hear them talk. But it is also possible to understand why each of these three beast spirits acts like that, whether it reflects the true nature of each person. The imitation that emerges in these situations is quite evident, especially to learn the personalities of the other three strange girls.

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Back to the visual novel nature of Legend of the Animal Spirits. When events happen, you will be the one to make choices. No matter how small or big, important or unimportant, they certainly affect the outcome of the story. Like any other visual novel game, Legend of the Animal Spirits does a good job of leading and posing its situations. Sometimes you will find yourself in a very difficult position to choose, especially when it comes to the safety of one of the three girls or all three. The story at first glance seems to be gentle and a bit rhythmic with the beauty of the three girl characters, but behind is a series of strange inner torments.

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In short, Legend of the Animal Spirits is an amazing visual novel game. Good shaping, the story is a bit lengthy but there are also highlights, the plot twist has many, although not too sensational and shocking, but it is enough to leave the impression of a visual novel game with a rather boyish plot.

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