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Left to Survive MOD APK 3.4.1 (Unlimited Bullets)

Left to Survive (MOD Unlimited Bullets, No Reload) is a survival shooting game on mobile developed by My Com. The game is a perfect combination of survival game, shooting game and interacting with other players, where you have to find ways to destroy and become the last survivor.


Summary about Left to Survive MOD APK

NameLeft to Survive
Genre, , ,
Latest Version3.4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bullets, No Reload
PlatformsAndroid 4.2
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Left to Survive

In 2024, when they were on the way to the rescue and found on the streets filled with the zombies, they destroy everything they saw. Your task is to use any weapon such as a rifle, pistol, grenade, etc. in your arsenal to survive before the destructive zombies. Shooting to kill the zombies as they appear everywhere and attack you. When you kill all the zombies in each level, you will be rewarded with valuable rewards and you will be able to purchase more modern characters or weapons that will easily kill more zombies in other areas.

Build your own base

Left to Survive gameplay

In addition to the characters and types of guns, you can also use the money to build, customize your own base and protect your camp from the attacks of zombies and the opposition. Build your base at your will to create a solid area and become inviolable. The gameplay of Left to Survive is similar to Zombie Rules.

You can also destroy the enemy base by helicopter, go straight to the base by helicopter to release a bullet storm down the base of the target to destroy and rob the resources of an enemy base. In the game almost all items can be bought with the virtual currency you earn in the game, there are a few items purchased with real money.

Attractive PvP mode

Left to Survive pvp mode

In order to avoid the boredom of the game, in addition to the kill zombies, you can participate in PvP mode with other players to test your survival skills. If you and your friends are gun enthusiasts, it’s better to have both of them join in a solo game to show off your skills or create a team to destroy the other team. This is also a great way to entertain.


Left to Survive graphics

Left to Survive with 3D design, characters and zombies are designed very beautifully. Weapons and equipment are simulation detailed. In general, with the mobile game platform, the developer makes the interface is optimized as possible and very suitable. A lot of continuous updates, improved interface, and bug fixes make the game more enjoyable, not boring. The sound of the bombs, bullets, and zombie sounds was made relatively well.


If you love survival games, Left to Survive is your perfect choice. You can download and experience on both Android and iOS platforms through our links below. I hope you have a good time with Left to Survive.

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Notes: Please select a link to download Left to Survive for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Bullets, No Reload) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

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