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League of Ninja: Moba Battle APK is a game adapted from the extremely popular anime, “Naruto Shippuden”. When talking about videogame adapted from this anime, you must be no stranger to Bandai Namco, the publisher in Japan. They were the first to bring Naruto into the genre of fighting games.

However, today I will introduce you to a completely different Naruto game than Bandai Namco’s games. League of Ninja was developed by Ninja moba studio 2018, the game has MOBA style gameplay instead of the role-playing game you know. This can be considered a novelty in the videogames adapted from Naruto.

Overview information

NameLeague of Ninja: Moba Battle
Publisherninja moba studio 2018
Version5.0.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 2.3

Recreate the 4th great Ninja war

League of Ninja: Moba Battle is set in the fourth time the 4th Ninja great war is triggered by Madara through Obito. This can be considered the most fascinating part of Naruto, a great, dramatic battle. The mysteries, chain events that have been revealed have attracted a large audience worldwide. And now, through this game, you can transform into a character in Naruto and participate in that classic battle to bring peace to the world of Ninja.

Naruto Senki Story

The gameplay of League of Ninja: Moba Battle is extremely simple. Because this game has the style of a MOBA game, if you have ever played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you will not waste time getting used to it. With the touch joystick button on the screen on the left, you can control the character. And the right side is the button to develop skills and auxiliary skills.

Similar to other MOBA games, your task is to increase the number of creeps by last hit them to earn gold for yourself. With the gold you earn, you can buy and upgrade your character equipment to become stronger. During the battle, you will have to fight with the generals at the enemy side and of course when you kill you will also receive gold to buy equipment. However, to win, destroying the opponent’s base is the most important factor.

Anime MOBA 5v5

League of Ninja: Moba Battle allows 10 players to play in a match even though the map is very small and equivalent to the 3vs3 map of Arena Of Valor. This can be considered a bold decision of the developer by a narrow map but there are many people who will be very confused and difficult to play. But don’t worry because the developer has already anticipated this and you won’t have trouble when 10 people play in such a small map.

Naruto Senki Gameplay

However, you should remember that this is a MOBA game, not a one-man battle. The developer allows 5 players on a team to easily support and help their teammates, so you have to work together to win. Even a single mistake can cause you to fail in a match. Therefore, this is a game that helps you develop the ability to think, lead, combine with your teammates.


Surrounding characters and landscapes are built with 16-bit graphics. Graphics built like antagonistic games Naruto M.U.G.E.N. Although, the graphics are not excellent but will also make you feel satisfied when experiencing this game.

Naruto Senki Graphics
16-bit graphics

Despite being a 16-bit graphics, the skills of the characters are as beautiful as the anime’s, which has shown the ingenuity of a graphic designer, without having to use modern graphics technology as Unreal Engine can also help you feel realistic when experiencing.


League of Ninja: Moba Battle brings a freshness to the adaptive videogames from Naruto, with the first game using MOBA gameplay. If you’re a Naruto fan, don’t hesitate to download this game right away and become heroes that bring peace to the world of Ninja. You can download the game via the link below. Join your teammates to build a perfect team and win every match.

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