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League of Angels is a role-playing game with a typical MMORPG style and 3D graphics in epic quality. The game is actually a golden egg for the publisher GTArcade. The gameplay is not too complicated, the fighting mechanism is attractive and brings the player into a fairytale story with legendary warriors. Let’s start exploring why this game attracts millions of players from the first day of launch.


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NameLeague of Angels
Latest Version1.15.0.16
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.0, iOS 7.0
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League of Angels has the plot of the beautiful fairy world is threatened by the dark forces threatening the whole of the land. Prophecy of the ancient Book of Revelation is beginning to take effect. All the inhabitants of the land are in danger of dying. However, there is still hope. According to legend, there is only one way to save that is to search for a mysterious ancient relic called Omega. Only Omega’s power can help angels fight the dark forces, saving the nation at stake. As a warrior, you have to set out to find Omega before it falls into the hands of bad peoples, confronting the dangers that are lurking on this treacherous journey. You are the last hope of the colorful Loa universe. Also, on the way you also meet a lot of helpers with a lot of mystery will gradually be revealed.

You will like

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League of Angels is a traditional MMORPG role-playing game. The game incorporates action elements, Roguelike combined with MOBA gameplay to create a truly unique and unique play style for players to explore. Entering League of Angels, your first job is to create a lineup of characters with gorgeous looks. Control your main character outside the map. An interesting point is that you are free to travel in the fairy-tale world.

When encountering compatible targets, click on and the game will take you to a battlefield where your army and enemy troops confront each other. With the familiar turn-based combat mechanism, each of your generals will attack the enemy and then they attack you. If you destroy all the team members, you are the winner. And vice versa is also true. Once upon a time, I tried fighting with a much larger version of the warrior, from the first blow of the monster that wiped out my entire team lol. Because each attack turn is very important, we advise you to arrange the scientific team to be able to cause the most damage and effects to the enemy.

Numerous attractive modes that await players in League of Angels. Dismantle the mysterious dungeons, where there are bosses with destructive power. Pay attention to the difference in force between you and Boss to calculate the ability to overcome the dungeon. In particular, the Maze Mode will definitely make you like with a series of hidden mysterious treasures. And in MMORPGs, we can not fail to mention PvP battles. You can challenge friends or players around the world in Arena mode. Guild will be where you exchange, make friends, share the experience of playing and chatting with friends.

Characters are plentiful

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The game features the most massive characters system in MMORPGs in recent times. From the powerful warriors to the beautiful beauty queen are all waiting in line for you to pick up your team. Even mysterious characters. Discovering the power and tactics completely different between characters requires you to have good tactical thinking to arrange all in one team. There are some interesting facts among the characters as Mages can not use stones to attack Physical Attack and Archers are afraid of the Wizard.

Also, League of Angels also has a diverse item system. Collect pieces and stones in battle. Use them in the system to upgrade the power of the game attributes. You can completely upgrade your character’s strength, tactics and effects to your entire squad.


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League of Angels has 3D graphics that can be said to be acceptable. Sure, the quality is not comparable to the top role-playing games on the market. Pictures in the game with epic style. You can easily see the monumental effects such as the sky long landslide when the sword of the character cut down, thunder sky full, …

Maybe you don’t like

The defect of League of Angels in my view is that players can’t interfere too much in the battle process. Unable to manipulate characters as other role-playing games, your only task is to pick up the moves and skills in the game and the system will automatically control the character’s attacks. This will reduce the attractiveness of League of Angels slightly, but other attractive game modes will complement this defect.

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