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NameLast Hope TD
Package Namecom.JESoftware.LastHopeTD
PublisherJE Software AB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Last Hope TD MOD APK will be a post-apocalyptic zombie-themed game that you will want to play if you love the genre. Amazing graphics, rich defense system, and many other interesting things will have in this game.

Introduce about Last Hope TD

Join the ongoing war against the zombie horde!

There are many tower defense (TD) games on mobile, most of which are set in a fresh setting, with cute characters with tower defense, building, or a combination of generals and armies. But what if you want to find a standard 3D TD game with real-life situations on a darker and deeper background? Last Hope TD will meet all of these criteria.


After the pandemic, most people were infected with the virus and turned into zombies. You will be the only base commander left of humanity gathered into a secret base In Last Hope TD. Over time, this place was no longer safe. Zombies started coming and trying to infiltrate the base.

The responsibility of protecting safety rests on your shoulders. You must combine all the resources at hand to carry out combat missions, against the zombies that are flooding into the base, more and more with frequency.


Last Hope TD is divided into many levels with increasing difficulty. Each time you win through the level, you will be rewarded with a large amount of money. This money is used to upgrade warriors, improve weapons, build more blockades in the way, add watchtowers to fight from afar, enhance overall strength to repel zombies. Although zombies are more crowded and more aggressive later, the money of this game is quite generous, so consider using money carefully, you still have many chances to win.

What you have is all the people present in the base, elite warriors specially trained for action, dozens of bunkers of all kinds, and modern advanced weapons.

Last Hope TD has a total of more than 145 levels corresponding to more than 30 different contexts, taking place in many different areas of the large base. Hospitals, schools, farms… each place with this different terrain will give you many advantages in planning a specific strategy to fight against the oncoming zombie hordes.

The more you fight, the more opportunities you have to open up new armies. You will have the right to choose which army to choose to suit your status. The new troops along with the above upgrades, if used properly, will bring you victory in the later levels.

10 Special Heroes and 12 Different turrets for your tower defense

Currently, Last Hope TD offers 10 special warriors: precious Princess, mighty Barbarian, mysterious Scout, gun crazy Mechanic, support Soldier, Mechwarrior, experimenting Scientist or the righteous Sheriff. Everyone has different abilities and talents, appearance, and personality as well.

During the game, you will in turn upgrade and have 12 different turrets to protect the main base. Each tower has its own development tree, spend money to strengthen them and create a solid defense. For example, the Arrow Turret Tower can shoot a series of bows and arrows to kill zombies from afar, the Mortar Bombs can blow away large hordes of zombies, the Tesla Coil Tower can electrify zombies and stop their progress… With this powerful tower, you can stop many terrible attacks of bloodthirsty zombies.

When you widen the development like that, on the other side, zombies also have soldiers and bosses. Going into the battles, you will in turn meet 50 different types of zombies with different shapes, colors, and abilities. Some are very strong, some move extremely fast, and can even jump long distances. And 5 powerful big bosses are waiting for you at the end of each map.

Last Hope TD also possesses a series of terrible skills. You can own a series of Hero skills through upgrades for each warrior. You also get help from the Monster Tome feature that quickly identifies the enemy’s weak points for a safer plan to protect the base.

Level options and game modes

The game is divided into 3 different difficulty levels for players to choose from Normal, Hard & Nightmare. You can choose to fight in Endless mode with no time limit. Or you can play Achievements mode to collect various rewards and delve into the game’s exciting upgrade types.

MOD APK version of Last Hope TD

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Last Hope TD APK & MOD for Android

The base defense zombie battle becomes fiercer than ever in the 3D zombie tower defense game Last Hope TD. The viewing angle from above also contributes to the grandiose and intense feeling of each level. This is a tower defense strategy game that any zombie fan should play, at least once.

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