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NameLast Hero
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Join the fierce battles at Last Hero APK, fight against the undead, the dark lord and other evil characters. Download the game via the link below the article.

Introduce about Last Hero


The first setting of Last Hero takes place when the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. An epidemic has spread, causing infected organisms to become undead.

The government built a shelter for the survivors while encouraging them to join the fight against the undead. You – part of the story searching for a safe place to hide, or overcoming thousands of deadly dangers to find the truth of what’s going on?


Last Hero is introduced as an action game with gunfighting. In it, you will control the character to move to areas on the map, and he will automatically shoot every time he detects an enemy.

However, the enemies in the game are very diverse. Not only mummies but also monsters and deformed creatures capable of attacking from a distance. Therefore, you have to choose a favorable position to attack the enemy, just choose a location to avoid counterattacks.

From the experience I learned from Last Hero, moving behind obstacles like boulders or logs is a good tactic. Enemies that are far away cannot damage you, while you can destroy nearby enemies. Keeping a distance from them is also a good idea, as attacks at close range have higher damage and danger.

Explore the areas

Last Hero’s story is quite long. And because of that, it has a very large battlefield. This battlefield is divided into several areas, from gas stations, hospitals, towns, parks, nuclear plants to biological laboratories. Each place has terrain and different species of creatures. You need to prepare a good skill, along with the right weapon to overcome the challenge.

Last Hero also divides the story into chapters. Each chapter has its premise with NPCs. You can trade with NPCs for a bit more benefits such as gold coins, health regeneration items or ammunition.


By default, your character has only one skill: shooting. Compared to a long journey, that is not enough. You will have to learn new skills, and leveling up will help you achieve this.

Each time you level up, you have the right to choose from three skills. If it is a new skill, the character will learn more. If a skill has been learned, it will be raised one level, for a more pronounced and powerful effect.


The game gives you five characters, including Francis (default), Zoe, Bill, Liv, and the last one that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Each character possesses different abilities. Francis has the health advantage, Zoe moves the fastest, Bill has the ability to recover while Liv collects more bounties.

In addition, each person’s base stat and enhancement scores are different.

Equip and strengthen

In addition to that, you have six types of clothing, including guns, armor, belts, gloves, shoes and pets (to be unlocked in the future). You can collect and equip your character to supplement him with personal stats like defense, health, and attack.

These skins can also be enhanced for better qualities. This process consumes a single material, the screw. This screw is obtained when you complete a mission or trade by unused skins.


Weapons are an important part of the shooting game. As with Last Hero, there are four types of guns, with different mechanics. Some shoot bullets, which are fast and are often used when fighting individual enemies. Others fired missile rounds, though slower, but had a huge impact area. Depending on the battlefield and the number of enemies, you need to choose the right weapon.


Last Hero regularly updates events, with the aim of giving players more benefits and rewards. Three events for newbies are logging in every day to receive bonuses, redemption codes and lucky rewards.

Download Last Hero APK for Android

Last Hero is not a game with new gameplay, but its content is quite interesting and the developer adds many RPG features. Now, you have the opportunity to become a hero, fight the undead to protect the peaceful life inherent in human.

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