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Have you ever thought of a day when you woke up, not your room but instead an island, a true deserted island? In that world, dangers are always lurking on you and you will have to find a way to survive in this mess. It sounds like the famous novel of Robinson Crusoe, but this will not be simple because you will have to do everything yourself to survive. So if you are interested in life like that, I will introduce to the readers of APKMODY an interesting game about this topic called Last Day Rules: Survival.

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About Last Day Rules: Survival

During the time when PUBG Mobile or Fortnite became popular worldwide, Chinese game publisher Xiaojiao Zhang released Last Day Rules: Survival. This game is considered a combination of the two games that I mentioned above with Rust. This is an online survival game for the Android operating system. Since its launch, the game has received many positive feedbacks and reached 50000 downloads on Google Play.

Build character appearance in your own way

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That’s right. At the character creation step, in addition to naming and choosing the gender that has become too basic, Last Day Rules: Survival allows players to shape characters according to their wishes. The hairstyle, hair color or skin color will all be decided by the player so that they feel the best.


In the game, you will play the role of a new character in the sky falling on a large island. Controls are relatively simple like other survival games. In the left of the screen includes a virtual button to moving, an automatically picks up button and one button to see the inventory. The right side of the screen includes a map next to buttons like jumping, lying, sitting and hitting.

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The only props that the game offers you are a stone blade ax. With the ax in hand, your first task is to cut down the tree to build a house. The house will make you safe from external dangers by setting a password. Besides, this is also the place where you can rest, take up accessories and study the collected recipes (including weapons and accessories).

Like Last Day On Earth, your task is to search for ingredients available in nature such as stone, iron, sulfur … to create everything you like. Suppose, if you feel that the bungalow is too small and unsafe, by collecting materials and learning the recipe, you can build a castle for yourself. Or at some point, when you are tired of having to hunt with bows or axes, a gun will be a perfect choice.

Besides, Last Day Rules: Survival gives players a lot of tasks throughout the journey to explore this game. By completing the assigned task, the player will unlock many new recipes, equipment, and rare materials.

PvP mode

On this large and dangerous island, you should also be happy because at least, you are not the only one who exists here. There are many other players also go to this island with you. Players can choose to interact with each other in many ways: talking through the chat frame, exchanging items or even fighting. It is up to you to make friends or make enemies with other players.

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You can choose to shake hands with a team that creates your own empire, together exploring the game’s features. Or else, turn on the slaughter mode: kill and plunder all the people you meet. But don’t be too thirsty for blood, they can come back and kill you anyway!

Great graphics for a mobile game

It can be said that graphics are a strength of Last Day Rules: Survival. The image of this game is not inferior to the PUBG mobile or ARK: Survival Evolved, which I think is a little better. Graphics in the game are built on a true 3D platform, focusing on even the smallest details.

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Besides, the day-night effect and weather effect changes continuously with the ultra-wide third view allowing players to observe the game scene in the most comprehensive way. Finally, the game sound is extremely lively, wild, extremely suitable for a survival game. My advice, choose highly configurable devices for the best experience.

Download Last Day Rules: Survival APK for Android

Whatever the time, “Survival” is always a hot keyword in the game market. If you’re not sure which mobile game is worth playing, Last Day Rules: Survival will be a great choice!

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    Đạt Music

    Can you update the new mod of this game?

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    Please tell me how I can download and play last day of survival please I

  • vioepubg avatar
    vioe bintang

    Download link not work and fail to download , what happen? im using android browser

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Tested, all links work fine. Can you try to download again?

  • sosiskamarka avatar
    Sosiska Marka

    Hi! I’m a new user of this site. I downloaded Last Day Rules: Survival. All is working fine, but I had to find that link for download =) So thank you. Now I can play my favorite game.

  • neil501nw avatar
    neil w

    Please check your site I think your site no longer works!!! every game I try now and it takes me in the endless loop right back to where I click the download in the 1st place NO GAME!!!! What ever you guys did?? UNDO IT!!!! I used to love this site! now if it stays like this ill have to put it on the blacklist site! Good luck i hope you guys figure out why games can’t be downloaded anymore!

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      Anh Pham

      Hello, sorry for the problem you faced.

      However, after checking, I think that the links worked well. Can you try downloading again?

      Also, the problem that some MOD games do not work is because the publisher has changed the security mechanism, we will need time to find new ways of MOD.

      Best regards.

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