Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK 1.17.9 (Free Craft, Durability, Magic Split, Instant Walking...)

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Last Day on Earth MOD APK is a wise choice to download right now whether you are a beginner or a proficient survivor. If you are new and not familiar with this game, let’s find out through the brief introduction below.

Overview information

NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
Version1.17.9 (build 500598)
MOD FeaturesFree Craft, Durability, Magic Split, Instant Walking... [Details]
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introducing Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a zombie survival game that is very attractive I experienced beside Into the Dead 2 (A survival game that combines FPS on the subject of zombies). Why do I still introduce the survival game Last Day on Earth: Survival while another survival game just posted yesterday?

There are two reasons: First, the game is just like Into the Dead 2 on the subject, and the story, gameplay and the perspective of both games are completely different. The second, the game is an online game and has a perfect MOD version. It can be said, both of these games bring “crazy” moments no less than each other.

I put Into the Dead 2 on the scoreboard compared to Last Day on Earth: Survival isn’t random. If Into the Dead 2 requires quick reflexes, then Last Day on Earth: Survival asks for something else. What Last Day on Earth: Survival requires the player is tactical thinking and judgment.


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I always talked about the story first when I decided to write a game review because the story is the most important soul. If the story is good, the gameplay and other details will interesting and worth playing. And the story of Last Day on Earth is just like that. The game takes players to Earth’s last days, as swarms of zombies spread as fast as a global epidemic. The number of zombies even exceeds the number of survivors. The player at the moment, as a lucky man alive, you try to survive as long as possible with the few remaining things and prevent the bloodthirsty zombies that surround you.

In Last Day on Earth, every element is no longer important. Whether it is love, friendship, or anything else. What is needed now is to live, at any cost.

New gameplay

This game has unique gameplay in Kefir games. It is similar to the company’s other products such as Grim Soul (Survival in the magic world) and Frostborn (Survival in the ancient world).

Starting with nothing, you will have to start the journey collecting the few remaining items and materials scattered everywhere and avoiding the attack from the bloodthirsty zombies. With some branches or stones, you will need to use them as a self-defense weapon, used to cut trees and create a safe base for yourself. The character in the game Last Day on Earth also needs to eat, so you need to stock up food…

last day on earth items

Last day on Earth brings a sense of excitement, fear and a little bit of excitement to the zombies everywhere and always looks for survivors to eat. Only secure and secure shelters can help you stay alive in this game.

When died, you will have to start over with zero. So everything you do should be carefully considered, no matter where you go or what you do. Collect more weapons with the potential for damage such as guns or TB to protect your body. They will help you protect yourself when suddenly attacked.

Fight till the end

last day earth attack zombie

You probably know that in PUBG or Fortnite, players will have to fight against 99 other players to become the only survivor. Like that, Last Day on Earth is not inferior when the player in addition to fighting off the zombies, must be careful with other players who always try to kill you and take control of resources of you.

When alone, you can not resist the ever-growing zombie wave, you can partner with certain players into a union to fight zombies or other players.

The gameplay is very difficult

last day on earth 3

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a difficult game. In part because of its gameplay itself, in part, because the publisher will not give any instructions during the game.

The only way to survive is to become stronger through level up. Each time you collect, build, and destroy, you will gain cumulative experience points until you level up. The higher level will allow players to get more advanced items as well as unlock new features.

There is nothing to criticize about graphics

Not only good, Last Day on Earth: Survival is beautiful too. This game possesses 3D graphics with realistic-looking design, easy-to-view, with a 3rd view. Small details in the game took care of because the item system is extremely rich.

At the top right of the screen, there is a radar that allows you to detect zombies coming towards you. Below are the navigation keys and functional buttons such as attack, pick up, open the bag or hide …

MOD APK version of Last Day on Earth: Survival

You can start playing with the original version of the game. But over time, you will find that this game is really hard and the MOD version of the game will help you solve the problem.

MOD Features

Through the MOD Menu (Open by clicking on the floating APKMODY icon in the game), you can turn on/off the following features:

  • Free craft (craft without items)
  • Open all recipes
  • Durability
  • Magic Split (Split the item to get more)
  • Instant Walking (Fast map travel)

Can’t see the MOD Menu?

Go to Settings -> Apps -> LDOE -> Allow Apps that can appear on top. Close and open the game again!

Is it possible to use MOD in Sector 7?

No. This is a new area with strict security.

Items that cannot be created

  • Horse Saddle
  • Kevlar Trousers
  • Mortar
  • Metal Pipe
  • Assault Helmet
  • Assault Body Armor
  • Assault Trousers
  • Assault Boots
  • ATV Transmission
  • Clan Banner
  • Tactical Backpack
  • Hand Pump
  • Repair Station
  • Zombie Truck
  • S&W Magnum
  • MI24
  • Electronics Lab
  • The Dragunov
  • Metal Cutter

How to install & update

If you’ve installed the game through APK files before, this process is not difficult for you.

To Install original APK

Step 1: Download both APK + OBB to your device

Step 2: Install APK

Step 3: Unzip the obb, copy the zombie.survival.craft.z folder to the Android/obb path.

Step 4: Open and play.

To Install MOD APK

For the MOD version of the game, you can install it like the way you install the original APK.

After installing and opening the game, the game will ask you to enable Apps that can appear on top. Please allow this!

LDOE will automatically exit to save the settings, open the game again to enjoy.

How to update the MOD version without data loss

You just need to download the new MOD version of LDOE at APKMODY and install it normally.

Note: Do not delete the current version.

How to backup/save game data?

While updating to the new version is quite safe, you should still actively back up game data to make sure everything is under control. Here’s how you can do this (No root needed):

backup data ldoe no root 1024x502

Step 1: Open any file manager application.

Step 2: Go to Android/data folder on the device’s memory.

Step 3: The game data is saved at zombie.survival.craft.z folder, you just need to copy or compress this folder to another location.

Step 4: When you want to recover data, you put the folder or extract back to the Android/data folder

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK for Android

There’s really a lot to say about Last Day on Earth: Survival, but for a limited amount of time, I can not say everything to you. This also makes your experience more enjoyable when experiencing features that I have not mentioned yet.

If you want to try to face the zombies everywhere, Last Day on Earth: Survival will certainly be attractive to you. The game is free and currently, supports both iOS and Android. You can download the game via the links below.

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  • muhammadshayan-khan-58 avatar
    muhammadshayan khan

    Will 17.7.9 be up soon?

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    Antoinette Carter

    Hi update is out today, please let me know when your link is updated! Thanks for your work

  • carter-antoinette avatar
    Antoinette Carter

    Hi, when will 17.7.8 link be up please 😊

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  • ishlana avatar

    1.17.6 Update is crashing in load screen. Tried it on 3 different accounts, different emulators.

    • apkmody avatar


    • ishlana avatar

      Correction, Firefox sucks for downloads for the record. Works fine from Chrome download. Thanks for the awesome work!!!

  • deathcore30 avatar

    Is there any way for a coins or at least caps mod?

  • tyvingillooly5 avatar
    Gaming Blast

    Please update and is there anyway to continue updating the game with the mod without it taking up so much space? Thanks!

    • tyvingillooly5 avatar
      Gaming Blast

      Also it would be great if you could add quick crafting back. That is again!

  • kanemockford avatar
    Kane Mockford

    Please update new update came out today

  • tyvingillooly5 avatar
    Gaming Blast

    The links arent updated. Please update them.

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  • anadiradze18 avatar
    Anna Valdorf

    Cant download the update can someone help?

  • isaaclasaganibau avatar
    Isaac Lasaganibau

    Does the game have auto-update

  • ldoeapk avatar

    From using mod My base has got two garages and two bikes is there any way for me to delete those from data?

    And second can you add fast workbench mod? It was really great.

  • sammykilla18 avatar
    rotensoil killa

    Can you update it pls and I love your mods

  • bhavik-n06 avatar
    Bhavik Nagda

    Hey, Thank You for update it worked totally Great. But I am not able to access Multi player events like prison or sector 7. I also tried without MOD MENU but failed. Can you help.?

    • apkmody avatar

      The MOD cannot work on sector 7

    • omega-comi153 avatar
      OMEGA TV

      Me too

  • dhoukjr86 avatar
    Dale Houk

    How do you get this to work with Bluestacks?

  • craftmodded avatar
    Red ZMN

    Bro thank you very much, I really appreciate your hard work, keep it up bro ❤

  • tyvingillooly5 avatar
    Gaming Blast

    Please update

  • craftmodded avatar
    Red ZMN

    Bro when the new update comes? ?

  • antunovic-david123 avatar
    David Ateljevic

    There is new update from today or tomorrow

  • johanagaliano7 avatar

    Will it ever be possible to create the zombie truck or helicopter with this mod?

  • craftmodded avatar
    Red ZMN

    Bro I’ll give you some tips for the next update:
    Don’t add open all events : why?
    -because you can’t get to the house on the forest edge
    -the most events and settlement tasks are crached
    Try to mod the sector 7 (the other character):
    -its just funny to play online with a modded menu in the other character
    Make a way to get the energy bottles for the other character

    That’s all for now , your work is very appreciated, but need some repair. Thanks for your attention.

  • hershey avatar

    Sir? After I downloaded the current version 1.6.4, Can I freely delete the first one?

    I already downloaded 3 version

  • lordofzphone avatar
    Joe Sciallo

    Thank you for updating. It is very appreciated

  • branyang2 avatar

    None of the mods work, I installed over the last update from here. I cannot craft for free, cannot instant travel, or anything.

    • apkmody avatar

      Can’t see the MOD Menu? Go to Settings -> Apps -> LDOE -> Allow Apps that can appear on top. Close and open the game again!

  • noontemyong avatar
    Temyong Noon

    Please update to latest patch

  • hershey avatar

    Need update and mod of Sector 7 Thank you!

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    Apurva Bavishi

    Sir, Can you please try and MOD something for sector 7 also. It’s a request. Love your Website and Mod’s

    • hershey avatar

      Yes please. Mod Sector 7

  • elineswanpro avatar
    Eline Swan

    Add me ElineswanYT #3264

  • jmagkachi avatar
    Kachi Jeek

    Hello.. just asking, would it be possible to have premium access? or if that’s not possible it’s okay. the mod version is great. I played this before but I just hate having to keep on grinding for materials.

  • argen-cabrillos21 avatar
    Argen Helaria Cabrillos

    To save the game progress, first copy your game data to separate folder. Go to android folder, open data folder, find the folder zombie.survival.craftz then coppy it to separate folder, its where your game progress is saved. Make it as a buckup data.
    Then your ready to update to version 1.16.1
    After installing the new version. Go to your device android folder, open data folder then find the folder of zombie.survival.craftz then delete it, the remember the last folder you coppy as a backup? Paste it there in the data folder, then try to open the game and your last progress is now saved and ready to continue..
    You can also do the same procces even in a not moded app downloaded from play store.

    This version of 1.16.1 is unlimited energy, just use only the walk then your directy ready to enter the area.
    Using first aid not only heals, but also replenish thirst and hungger so you no need to poop exept for eating and drinking.

    • jojo-good1992 avatar
      Jojo Lia

      It’s not working.. It’s keep telling me to update my game.. Even the original version.. Do you know how to fix it

    • argen-cabrillos21 avatar
      Argen Helaria Cabrillos

      Jojo Lia
      Maybe try to run the app first then let it run on background, then paste a copy of your old game data to android data folder zombie.survival.craftz, then go back to your game and make a restart.
      If it doesnt work, i dont have any idea how to fix it,
      Im doing the same procces on both moded and the not moded app and it works on me.

  • miano0idcare avatar
    Miano Moha

    Is there any way to download this update without losing my current progress?

    • rhysfoster242 avatar
      Rhys Foster

      Go to settings> android then open data folder (May have to show hidden files) Copy the folder Zombie.survival.craft.z paste it in downloads then uninstall the modded LDOE and install the new modded LDOE Re-Paste the folder Zombie.survival.craft.z in the data of android Then open LDOE Enjoy.

    • bargunes avatar
      Barbaros Gunes

      If you playing on android device, go to internal storage/android/data/zombie.survival.craft.z and copy this file.
      Then, past it to some other location.
      Uninstall the game, install new version.
      Do not start the game, just install…
      Then paste zombie.survival.craft.z file to the same location you have copied (into internal storage/android/data)…
      And start the game.
      There all your progress start with new game version as yıu have left…

    • mersiruli avatar
      Mersedes Ruli

      Yes i udated without losing my current progress.if you want to update the new version without losing the current progress,open the file manager,find the android folder and open that folder,then open the folder data,after you open the data folder find the folder named (zombie.survival.craft.z).copy that folder and paste in other folder in file manager.after you paste it into another folder uninstall the game,and download again in this adress the link apk(mega mod).download it and dont open the game,go again in file manager,go to the folder where you made the paste folder (zombie.survival.craft.z),copy again that folder and paste again in folder (android-data).then open the game and enjoy the game

  • jojo-good1992 avatar
    Jojo Lia

    Hello. I have a problem. Can you please tell me how to update from 1.15 mod version to the new one? It says app not installed. Play protect off.. I don’t want to lose my progress

  • jamescleggard avatar

    Hey @apkmody – awesome work as always. Couple of things though… The infinite weapon / armour doesn’t seem to be working, nor does the instant travel. Plus as the person before mentioned, using any healing item makes you pee! Could you have another look at it?

  • am1234567899995 avatar
    Alejandro martinez

    Hi excuse me I have problem installing the apk tells me that there is an error could solve my problem please I want to play my game greeting from Venezuela

  • am1234567899995 avatar
    Alejandro martinez

    Hello excuse me I have problem installing the apk tells me that there is an error could solve my problem

  • sshivay218 avatar
    Adarsh Shukla

    Hey Mody.. After 1.16 update still there is no unlimited energy thing and also after consuming a single item the need to go pee has increased.. Everytime the player consumes any thing it has to take a pee otherwise it won’t do anything. Please fix this.

    • sshivay218 avatar
      Adarsh Shukla

      And also after every 10 minutes the stinking is there.

  • ramostamtam5 avatar
    tamtam ramos

    Hey thanks for the update, but there is a problem. Everytime you eat or use first aid kit the character needs to poop and I can’t get the milkov mgt on bunker Alfa

    • mersiruli avatar
      Mersedes Ruli

      I have same problem

  • lordofzphone avatar
    Joe Sciallo

    Can we update to 1.16 please

    • apkmody avatar


  • sshivay218 avatar
    Adarsh Shukla

    I am unable to open the game it hangs up while loading and also I am unable to enter sector 7.. Also unlimited energy does not work.. Please fix these issues.

  • m-cimba-72 avatar
    Martin Cimburek

    Hi, i need help, i wanted to go to the sector 7 but after completing that (computer) and clicking on the chest for you stuff the game just laged and since that game doesnt work..when i want to open the game the game is just loading, i dont know what to do, i will be glad for any tips

  • haruny26 avatar
    Harun Yildirim

    Instant travel does not work. Can you help with this please.

    • apkmody avatar

      Fixed in v1.16

  • sshivay218 avatar
    Adarsh Shukla

    Hey, I like the mod.. But unlimited energy is not there making it hard to go around…

    • jacob-harding1978 avatar

      Hi also when you get to see this, when I try to interact with a door it wont allow me to pass through, already set furniture wont allow me to interact with it till I go into build menu and “move it”. The game crashes intermittently.

  • mcdanielstorm1 avatar

    Worked great 3 days ago now when I start the modded Ldoe google play pops up for a little bit doesn’t show my name and goes away. It acts like it tries to work but doesn’t and It won’t let me return to my character and progress only on the original LDOE app.

  • villadsbuch1995 avatar
    Villads Larsen

    Hi Mody! Love the mod so far, but i’m wondering if there’s a way to travel without using stamina? 🙂

  • cheaterforthegreatergood avatar
    Sharing Is Caring

    I’m a MODY FAN as well ?

    waiting for the modded update too for both of my accounts ? thank yooooou MODY ?

  • lordofzphone avatar
    Joe Sciallo

    Great Mod, but how do I get the travel and coins to work… thanks

    • bargunes avatar
      Barbaros Gunes

      Hey, thnx for all. There are 2 problems
      1. Eat, drink, heal, medipacks causes peeing everytime. Causes death
      2. Infinite weapon, armor strength and skills can not be used, or I cant see at all.