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NameLarva Heroes: Battle League
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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You may have watched the cartoon two funny worms Larva. Now, you can play the battle game with cute funny characters from this movie in the game Larva Heroes: Battle League MOD APK.

Introduce about Larva Heroes: Battle League

Experience the Battlefield with adorable characters from Larva!

It can be said that Larva Heroes: Battle League is a surprise for mobile game players. The animation of these two worms is quite famous but somehow games about them are so rare. I don’t know if there will be more Larva games in the future, but experiencing Larva Heroes: Battle League is unforgettable fun, at least for me.


Like in the cartoon, the main character must be two red and yellow worms. In Larva Heroes: Battle League, you are also allowed to control one of these two worms, but this time the role is “general”. Following you is a squad of larvae swarming with adorable baby worms. The mission of the group is to fight against the insect armies from another area. Every fight takes place in the vast sewers of New York City.


Whether you choose to control the red worm or the yellow worm, each has its own unique abilities and strengths. Take advantage of that inherent strength, along with the ability to think to lead your army of larvae to fight battle after battle with powerful, aggressive enemies. The supreme task of the larva army is to protect its territory from the invasion of the evil insect forces in the city sewers.

Combat companions are also part of the fun of this battle game. You will meet all the familiar friends of the two Larva like in the cartoon: beetles, snails… Each companion has different shapes, gestures, movements, and fighting skills.

With the qualities of larvae and equally weird companions, you must have partly imagined the bustling battlefield in Larva Heroes: Battle League. Witnessing the worm crawling its soft body around the enemy and then swishing it with its tail from time to time, or the snail creating a vicious circle near the enemy causing them to fall… that scene is a joy and fun, make sure you will have a lot of laughs when fighting insects in the game.

The character control mechanism of Larva Heroes: Battle League is also quite simple, almost anyone can grasp it even when playing for the first time. Touch the screen to help Larva move, when approaching the target, Larva will automatically attack. It’s considered to be light on the attack manipulation part, that’s why I say this game is extremely entertaining. During the battle, sometimes you discover power-ups or food in the sewer (such as hot dogs, snacks, energy drinks, colorful letters), remember to go back and eat them right away to quickly increase the strength of Larva.

Note: when you collect enough letters “LARVA”, your worm will evolve up a level. Your character will go through 6 levels of upgrades to become stronger, more aggressive, and able to fight all the pending missions.

After winning the match, in addition to items and leveling up (if you have enough characters), you also collect points. If you have enough points, you will get new attacks, or gain power-up items. In the New York sewers, there are many maps for players to explore, but you must remember to continuously collect the Golden Keys. Because with the corresponding number of keys, you can open deeper maps to continue fighting.

Game modes

Larva Heroes: Battle League has a Dungeon mode where you and up to 4 other friends must overcome many different challenges to perfect the fighting skills of the Larva caterpillar larvae.

In Stages mode, you will have the opportunity to collect many Fortune Cookies and many other attractive rewards, including gold, items, and gems.

Graphics and sound

Larva Heroes: Battle League uses 2D graphics to show all battle scenes and activities in the game. This is a smart move by the developer. The 2D graphics not only have a place for the more familiar animation style of the original movie but are also more comfortable for the presentation of the lovely soft movements of the Larva. Motion effects are therefore rhythmic, reasonable, and orderly.

The fighting screens are also added with many attractive effects, both retaining the inherent simplicity of cartoons and creating excitement for players. Comes with fun sound effects, ridiculous but not messy, just enough to make the game experience always full of laughter.

Larva Heroes: Lavengers, another game in the Larva Heroes series is also available on APKMODY.

MOD APK version of Larva Heroes: Battle League

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Free Shopping

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Download Larva Heroes: Battle League APK & MOD for Android

In short, Larva Heroes: Battle League is an exciting adventure game, that has an auto-attack mode, colorful, lovely characters, and funny enemies. Let’s download and explore this amazing game right away!

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