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NameKlondike Adventures
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Klondike Adventures APK is a grenade adventure to explore the territories of Alaska with the brave girl Kate and the guy Paul.

About Klondike Adventures

Construct buildings, factories, and take care of your farmers to carry out the tasks and get items needed for your expedition. VIZOR APPS released this game on both Android and IOS platforms. The game promises to bring excitement to you at the first experience.


Welcome to the time machine. Next stop: at the end of the 19th century, the Klondike gold rush in Canada attracted thousands of workers to search. Klondike Adventures will take you from your smartphone screen straight to the past – a place different from today’s world. However, you are not just a visitor, you are accompanied by Kate and Paul. After a snowstorm devastated the cold northern region, you will be the leading factor in the journey of social reconstruction here. From here you go on an adventure to find new lands and perfect them.


Take care of workers and animals, and do not forget your daily production tasks: from harvesting beans, rice to cutting trees, repairing the barn shed, producing food for cattle as well as sales of products collected from them such as chicken eggs, cow’s milk, wool, … in neighboring cities. By preparing orders and shipping them to the shipper, you will gain coins and energy to develop the city of Klondike. Besides, the construction of buildings such as houses for workers, factories, ships, … is also an important task that you need to complete with the production.


When you have enough energy and complete the tasks, you will unlock new lands on the map. Klondike Adventures consists of 11 consecutive maps. Each map consists of 5-6 different cities and a small event city. If you want to grow this region further, take part in special events and watch out for the time-required locations. Besides, you can perform rock quarrying tasks of each location to receive gold, energy, especially emeralds, the things will help you a lot.

But those cute rewards don’t mean anything if your residents get sick. Here is the advice that time travellers tell each other: pay attention to the health of everyone. The cold climate of Alaska is not pleasant at all and if someone has a fever, you are the one who decides their fate.

You can use gold to buy factories and houses for your residents. That gold is just enough for you to perform tasks through each level and buy seeds to maintain essential food sources. If you have the money you can also use cash to buy an emerald. Emeralds help you exchange energy and gold, but their cost is quite expensive compared to the amount of gold and energy you collected. So I recommend that you use the emeralds that you have. If you lack energy but you still want to play, there are many ways to recover energy such as:

  • Trade candy, chocolate, … that you get through each animal when they have reached the production limit through the Cauldron machine.
  • Change fruits, honey, mushrooms through the Furnace machine, you can harvest this source of material through the times of cutting bushes.
  • Cooking blueberry jam, barbecue also brings a significant source of energy for you.

The higher the level, the level of difficulty and complexity will increase but do not worry, just complete the tasks you will find the solution for that land. Klondike Adventures also helps you find your way. Thus, you will avoid wasting your energy.


The game is built on 2D graphics, for some low-profile machines, the download process can be a bit long. The images in the game are built not too fussy but still very nice and reasonable. I like the scenes and the people in the game. They are so cute.

Klondike Adventures is an online game but they don’t have too many ads. The ads appear when there is help from the game, but we can also actively reject them. It’s a plus for the game for those who do not like too many ads like me, and you probably too. But it also very inconvenient when you can’t play without wifi.

Download Klondike Adventures APK for Android

Klondike Adventures cleverly combines the creation of items with farm elements and strategy, thereby creating a game that is both modern and fun. And best of all, you have the opportunity to sit on a super cute dog sled! Try playing this game once, I bet you will enjoy it just like me.

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