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KleptoCats 2 MOD APK 1.4 (Unlimited Money)

You are standing in the dark. The only thing you see is a pair of eyes looking straight at your face. A cute, friendly eyes. Suddenly the lights come on and in front of your eyes is a very cute cat. It seems that he is enjoying the quiet space. How did you get there?


Summary about KleptoCats 2 MOD APK

NameKleptoCats 2
Genre, ,
Latest Version1.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Dear friends, you have fallen into the cage of the cat, and no matter what! KleptoCats 2 (MOD Unlimited Money) has blown a new wind for the naughty cats of the first version. Now, these cats have become cooler than ever, and the game is more fun, more exciting and more interactive. Of course, this version also has a new feature set that I love very much.

More rewards

KleptoCats 2 gameplay

The first is the fun and the reward will triple in the KleptoCats 2 because now we can play with three cats at the same time. And through this, their strange behaviour has also been revealed. It turned out that four-legged friends had jumped into a pink spaceport to escape and began to infiltrate. This is contrary to all of Newton’s laws. Where did they go? This is still a mystery but rest assured, they will come back with the gifts for you.

The habit of thieving and collecting objects of the cats, which attracted us two years ago, is still there. However, developer Hyperheard, a Mexican indie game maker, has invested enormous amounts of time and energy to make the second version more interactive. For example, you can now click on some objects and have fun with them. Try clicking on the “bullshit icon” and you will receive a reward for clearing the house.

Cats steal

KleptoCats 2 gameplay 2

In this version, any room can become a place to explore. All rooms have a secret that can be revealed by finding and solving hidden puzzles. Of course. In addition, there are other secrets from the cats themselves. When you visit the catalogue and click on each cat’s profile, you will notice a piece of a jigsaw puzzle on each profile. By finding the missing pieces, you will discover the secret.

Did I mention Gem, the character representing them dog house in the game yet? This dog has appeared in the original game (in rare cases), but in KleptoCats 2 Gem appear every day and surprise you.


KleptoCats 2 graphics

KleptoCats 2 has simple 2D graphics, but extremely beautiful, vivid. If you are a cat lover, you will definitely have to exclaim “wow” when you see the cats in the game, because they are so cute. The music in the game is also impressive. You will enjoy great music while playing this game.

KleptoCats 2, a fun game

If you’ve played the first part of the game, KleptoCats 2 is a game you should not miss. Part 2 has been upgraded a lot of interesting new features, waiting for you to explore. You can immediately download KleptoCats 2 on your device via the links below:

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  • KleptoCats 2 for Android APK - v1.4
  • KleptoCats 2 for Android APK (MOD Money) - v1.4

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