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NameKill It With Fire
Package Namecom.tinybuildgames.killitwithfire
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Full Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Time to fight the scariest and most dangerous enemy in your house, SPIDERS! Kill It With Fire MOD APK is a game that lets you use hundreds of heavy weapons to burn it out.

Introduce about Kill It With Fire

Let’s kill the spiders!

Home is the safest place for everyone. But sometimes, it becomes dangerous and terrifying. That is when your home has the appearance of a hideous creature, a spider. In fact, very few species of spiders have venom. They are even useful for your home because spiders often eat small harmful insects. But their ugly appearance, scary shape with long, black legs always startle you every time they appear. What should you do?

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Kill It With Fire gives you thousands of unique ideas with 1001 weapons for you to kill the spider in your house. In real life, spiders often hide behind cabinets or TVs, you can only chase them away but cannot use more violent methods. In the game, you can kill them with modern weapons such as flamethrowers, stun guns without worrying about your belongings being damaged.

How to play?

Kill It With Fire has the same mechanism as a first-person shooter game. You play the role of the host, being allowed to use anything you see in the house to kill the spiders. You feel free to pick up the TV, then throw it where the spider is hiding without worrying about the TV breaking down. Most of the time, you ransack every room, every little corner of the house for the spider, then kill it with an object or weapon you want.

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The game has the same control mechanism as mobile role-playing games, allowing you to move, pick up objects, attack, sit and jump. In general, the controls are not difficult. You can even modify the position of keys displayed on the screen. However, I found the monitor’s default sensitivity to be a bit high. You should adjust it for smoother controls.

Where do spiders often hide? Anywhere in the house. It could be in the back of the closet, in the toilet, in a pizza box, or anywhere. Stay alert to that hideous creature! They are always there to startle you.

What weapons do you like to kill spiders?

Kill It With Fire has content similar to Kick The Buddy. To make the game more interesting, you can unlock your arsenal with hundreds of state-of-the-art weapons. However, the spiders in the game are not giant spiders. They are only as small as one hand, but you should still use weapons like laser guns, machine guns, … to destroy them.

Unlock paid content to discover more

If you only kill spiders in a single house, Kill It With Fire will gradually become boring. After you complete all of the quests, new content is gradually unlocked. You can explore more rooms. If you pay attention, you can see numbers on each door, representing the level at which you unlock that room. For example, if the room has the number 10, you must reach level 10 to enter that room.

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Besides, there are many houses that spiders are invading. Everyone in town is terrified of this matter. It is your responsibility to remove the hideous spiders from town completely. You will come to each house, use weapons for hunting spiders.

High-quality 3D graphics

If you own an Android phone with a powerful enough configuration, you can experience Kill It With Fire with the highest graphics quality to enjoy the stunning visuals of the game. Developed with high-poly 3D graphics, every object is very detailed. You can control smoothly and flexibly through the touch screen.

MOD APK version of Kill It With Fire

MOD feature

Unlocked Paid Content: Kill It With Fire MOD APK allows you to play paid content for free.

Download Kill It With Fire MOD APK for Android

Although the game’s content is somewhat unfair to spiders, it really gives you moments of relaxation if you are afraid of spiders and have a grudge against this creature. Download Kill It With Fire MOD APK via the link below the article to experience the game’s full content for free.

Note, don’t try to follow this game at home!

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