Kick the Buddy: Forever MOD APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

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Kick the Buddy: Forever (MOD Unlimited Money/Diamonds) is a sequel to the Kick the Buddy game that we introduced in a previous article. Speaking of Kick the Buddy, you can think of a game that helps players reduce stress after a hard work day. In the game, you will continue with the task of tormenting Buddy – the poorest dummy guy in history. Nothing has changed for Buddy, but part 2 has a lot of changes and remarkable new features.

Overview information

NameKick the Buddy: Forever
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 5.0

The game helps reduce stress

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Like My Talking Tom, Buddy is a virtual friend on your phone. In the opening scene, you get a box and open it, Buddy appears with a friendly greeting “Hey! I’m Buddy. Nice to meet you.” Instead of being cared for and cherished like Tom, Buddy has an unlucky fate when he is the target for players to abuse and find ways to attack him all the time.

The content is like that. But Playgendary always knows how to make their game less violent. Evidence is that the game’s graphics are always done in bright style with many colors. Buddy always appears with a smile on his lips. No matter how much you torture him, Buddy just frowns and immediately happy and innocent again. You can rest assured that no murder has occurred. Maybe they created him with vibranium, so he can survive the bullets, missiles, thermonuclear bombs, laser guns or any weapon that the player uses.

New weapons

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Just like the previous version, players continue to torment Buddy in a room or a box. You can choose from a variety of forms of torture, from “traditional” types such as punches, kicks to styles you have never thought of, such as using atomic bombs.

How to play by Kick the Buddy: Forever is not difficult. Select the style of torture and touch the screen to interact with Buddy. Gold coins fall out every time you attack Buddy. The stronger the attack, the more money and points you earn. Below Buddy has an HP bar. When it’s over, you’ll be the winner with the points you have. Kick the Buddy version: Forever has updated many new weapons for you like meteors, robots, plasma guns, … Don’t miss!

Unlock new clothes and wallpapers

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Not only weapons, when playing Kick the Buddy: Forever, you also have the opportunity to unlock funny clothes for Buddy and special wallpapers. Finally, after days of torture, Buddy also received some comfort. Buy him nice clothes so he can have fun all day.

Should we use Kick the Buddy: Forever MOD?

In fact, you cannot unlock all the weapons. Most weapons require players to unlock with lots of money. There is no other way but to play a lot with old weapons and make money. However, we can help you. Our Kick the Buddy: Forever (MOD Money / Diamonds) version gives you 99999 gold and 99999 diamonds as soon as you open the game. You can unlock your favorite weapons, buy unique outfits for Buddy without worrying about the price. Having fun!


Overall, Kick the Buddy: Forever MOD APK is a fun and funny game that helps players reduce stress after a hard day of work. Because of moderate violence, the game is limited to ages 12 and up. Besides My Talking Tom, Buddy is an indispensable friend of millions worldwide. He taught me a lot of lessons in life. No matter how life mistreats us, be happy and optimistic, you will be loved by everyone.

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