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Big Bang, Girls’ Generation or EXO are popular K-POP bands that are loved by many people. Do you want to build your career by becoming the producer of such idol groups? K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK (Free Shopping) is giving you that opportunity. Don’t miss out!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about K-POP Idol Producer
    1. Build your K-Pop band
    2. Design costumes for idols
    3. Increase the popularity
    4. Hire managers
    5. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version K-POP Idol Producer
    1. MOD feature
    2. Note
  3. Download K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK for Android

Introduce about K-POP Idol Producer

Build your K-Pop band

After starting K-POP Idol Producer, a beautiful assistant named Secretary appears and gives you basic instructions to start the career of the producer. The first job is enrollment. Choose the band you want (boy or girl). After that, you need to go to Recruit in Menu to search for talented faces.

However, the number of trainees recruited monthly is not much. It depends on your company level. In the beginning, you only have two.

Trainees apply for various positions, including lead singer, Vocalist, dancer, or rapper. The system will list their information in more detail, such as position in the band, name, age, height, weight and parameters of the levels Cute, Sexy, Pure and Chic. Finally, there is an overall assessment score (on a 100-point scale) and a brief biography (about family or some advantages, such as high tone), help you find the suitable idol for your band.

There are two issues to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to pay to get the best trainee for every recruitment. It could be coins or stars. Secondly, when your company is upgraded, it will have a better reputation and thus you can increase your chances of finding better trainees.

If you love K-Pop, you can try Superstar BTS.

Design costumes for idols

As a producer, you are not only responsible for recruiting talent, but also have to choose for them the outfit to impress the audience at the first debut.

K-POP Idol Producer has a fashion studio. A stylist who will give advice on the costumes for each band member. You can listen to her or choose fashion according to sexy, cute or pure trends. In addition, K-POP Idol Producer also has a lot of hairstyles and accessories to help your band stand out during the show.

Increase the popularity

Besides expertise, you need to use advertising to attract more audiences. There are many ways to do this, such as publishing schedules to people, creating promotions, discounting on entry tickets.

If you can do this well, you will constantly receive new contracts to invite your idol group to perform. The schedule will become denser, you make more money and your band gradually become more popular.

There is a chart that always updates the most popular K-POP groups. If you want to have a position in that, you have to work hard. You need to think up a lot of tactics and do it well. For example, releasing a new album with creative ideas. Pay a lot of money to train an idol with high ratings to aim for the award The best song of the year. Or you can take the photo with fans to create friendliness and get their vote in contests.

Hire managers

At the time of starting a company, your finances will be quite uncertain because you have to pay a lot of money. Therefore, you have to handle all the work yourself to save. However, as things get more stable, you don’t need to work so hard anymore. And in fact, you cannot do so because the amount of work is gradually increasing. Spend some money to hire managers and staff to serve a stage. For example, schedule management, Stylist, Composing Team, Choreography Team and security.

If there had been management before, they could be replaced by those with better expertise. You can also optimize processes and performance by upgrading your management. However, this process is costly. You need to upgrade your company first in order to qualify.


K-POP Idol Producer uses classic retro graphics platform. It is quite simple and popular today because it does not require devices with fast processor chips but still works smoothly.

Moreover, the viewing angle is wide from the top so that you can get an overview of the working area of all parts of the company, and enjoy the performance of K Pop bands in the show.

MOD APK version K-POP Idol Producer

MOD feature

Free Shopping


You start the game with 700 million Coins and 0 Stars. However, you can buy everything in the store for free. The money doesn’t decrease when you use. You can still buy an item with Stars even if your number of stars is 0.

Download K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK for Android

Hard work is not enough. You need a lot of factors to develop an entertainment company. You will soon realize it with K-POP Idol Producer. However, you will also receive joy when all your efforts are rewarded.

K-POP Idol Producer v1.55 APKMODFree Shopping
K-POP Idol Producer v1.55 APK

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