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NameJustice Rivals 3
Package Namecom.RuNixGames.CopsAndRobbers3
PublisherRuNix Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Justice Rivals 3 for Android
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Justice Rivals 3 MOD APK is a first-person shooter in 3D. You can select between cops and robbers teams and play in singleplayer and multiplayer heist missions.

Introduce about Justice Rivals 3

Gather your crew and heist amazing places, or play as a cop and fight with robbers!

You have played many shooting games but are still not satisfied with the lack of speed action. Sometimes you want to be the good guy, but sometimes you want to audition for the bad guy. You also want to experience both fighting and chasing on the street. Is there a game that satisfies the above things? The answer is Justice Rivals 3.


Like the never-ending millennial war between good and evil, police and robbers have also faced each other in every period and every society. Once again the legendary contradiction will take place in this Justice Rivals game. In the game, you will be able to choose one of two: become a bandit who specializes in running away from the police and opposing the law or a cop who always chases criminals who are running rampant. Justice Rivals 3 has a series of equally talented gun battles, dramatic and lively, sometimes a bit chaotic but the feeling of joy is superfluous.

Justice Rivals 3 is a game that allows you to choose from a wide range of characters. You can play the role of a bandit who defies all the rules or becomes a police officer of justice and society. Each selected character object, depending on whether you play solo or multiplayer at any level, will have different tasks. But generally, your goal is to kill the most or all members of the opposition.

Game mode

Justice Rivals 3 offers two modes of play: solo or multiplayer with other players to form a team of famous robbers or a team of talented police. Solo mode will give the feeling of being alone and roaming everywhere. You can give orders to your NPC team. All victories and victories belong to you alone. Playing solo mode in Justice Rivals 3 is also a way for you to show off your skillful shooting skills, or practice going up from the simplest gunfights.

As for multiplayer mode, you can play with one of two forms of co-op (with friends gathering as a single team to fight NPC enemies) and team Deathmatch (a team of several members will play against a team of several other members) to create epic large-scale gunfights, extremely tense, chaotic but very dramatic. You can invite your friends to join when playing this mode, will be even more fun. A good thing about the multiplayer mode is the strategy and teamwork skills. You will have to coordinate with your teammates to fight rhythmically, overcome the strongest opponents and take control of the city.

Various maps

Justice Rivals 3 also builds the game map quite well. Multiple real-world simulations unfold as you dive into the game. Streets, shopping malls, bars, amusement parks, harbors … dozens of maps in Justice Rivals 3 have completely different perspectives, terrain and shelters are also different, creating a variety of ways to play and how to deal with a variety of situations.

Flexible Weapons

The shooting game will have a lot of guns. You will encounter in Justice Rivals 3 a series of guns of all kinds that can destroy: rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns… Especially all weapons are free and open at the beginning of the game for players to use.

Spectacular chases

Not only shooting but Justice Rivals 3 also has lots of exciting chases on the street. Dodge through the streets to escape the police or chase a group of fierce robbers, interspersed with gun battles, a noisy chase like this will surely bring unforgettable moments to the game.

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Unlimited Money

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A first-person shooter with racing and racing, Justice Rivals 3 is an exciting action game that anyone who loves the art of shooting should play. The background is beautiful, meticulous, the sound is good, sometimes a bit noisy and confusing especially in co-op matches but overall, it is very exciting and amazing.

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