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NameJurassic World Alive
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Battery, VIP Enabled
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Jurassic World Alive (MOD Battery, VIP Enabled) is one of the games that revolutionized VR virtual reality technology.

Table of contents
  1. About Jurassic World Alive
    1. Catching dinosaurs
    2. Many new features
    3. Create and take care of dinosaurs
    4. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of Jurassic World Alive
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Jurassic World Alive MOD APK for Android

About Jurassic World Alive

In 2016, we witnessed the enormous success of Pokemon GO – the first game to successfully use virtual reality technology VR (virtual reality). What is this technology? This is a technology that enables graphics in the computer to interact with the real world. Moreover, this virtual world is not static, it can change according to your actions such as gestures, voice. You can simply understand that, as long as you have a smartphone, you can see anything through the phone screen that you feel like seeing them in real life.

With this technology, Pokemon GO has immediately become a global trend. This game is the best-selling mobile game in the world. We can remember the days when everyone was going to catch Pokemon. Thanks to Pokémon GO, I and my friends have gone out more. While playing games, I go out more, interact more with friends and people. This is really a very interesting game.

Catching dinosaurs

This year, we will see the launch of many games using VR technology as what Pokemon GO has ever done. One of them is Jurassic World Alive – a product of two publishers Ludia and NBCUniversal. Not the cute Pokémon anymore, in this game, we are going to catch the … giant prehistoric dinosaurs. Catch dinosaurs in the modern world, can you believe that?

Many new features

I think the game has something different than Pokemon GO. The game is somewhat similar to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In Jurassic World Alive, you can become an archaeologist, geneticist or just a dinosaur hunter. If you do not like walk many times like Pokemon GO, you can catch dinosaurs right at your house.

Jurassic World Alive t rex

Jurassic World Alive supports the player a very interesting feature. As predicted, dinosaurs will be less common in places like cities and roads, but mainly in nature parks such as parks, forests, desert, … When you find a type of dinosaurs DNA on the map, you can go to that location or control an unmanned helicopter to collect DNA samples.

Create and take care of dinosaurs

Jurassic World Alive gameplay 3

In addition to directly catching the available dinosaurs, you can crossbreed dinosaur DNA to create your own dinosaur. The Jurassic World Alive has a lot of prehistoric dinosaurs, providing the most varied experience for the player. There are more than 100 different species of dinosaurs. Do you like a giant Apatosaurus, a mild Ankylosaurus or a ferocious T-rex?

When you have a huge collection of dinosaurs, do not forget to take care of them. You are responsible for the dinosaurs eating, drinking. They need the care to grow. Have you ever imagined yourself being able to take care of a dinosaur from the beginning? You can invite your friends to a vacant lot. Everyone shows the phone and … BOOM. Many dinosaurs appear. Besides, Jurassic World Alive has a fight dinosaurs mode is very attractive.


Jurassic World Alive gameplay

Virtual reality technology VR has been used to maximize the feeling of real for players. The graphics of the game are as beautiful and real as the Jurassic World film. You can hear the growl, the heaviness when the dinosaurs move. We have to wait until the game officially launched to be able to know the most accurate.

MOD APK version of Jurassic World Alive

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Battery
  • VIP Enabled

Download Jurassic World Alive MOD APK for Android

After a time, Jurassic World Alive will officially release the first trial version. As far as I know, the game is expected to launch in April this year. Registering early with the publisher to be one of the first people in the world to engage in dinosaur capture. Do not forget to visit APKMODY.IO every day to get the latest news on this game.

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    Update please :)

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    Please Updating the Game, Thanks

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    1.13.19 update plz

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    1.13.19 update

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    I cannot update from an earlier version. What can I do about it?

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    Hi,any time frame on when we can expect 1.11.16? Thanks,appreciate your work!

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    Why i cant login with my account ?, Only guest can login

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      We’ve done that.

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    Can’t auth with Google Play. How to fix it?

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    How to find out the VIP has been Enabled? Thanks.

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    Pls update 1.8 .38 pls

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      Done bro

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    Is it possible to login with Google Play account?

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    I’ve downloaded 1.8.26 but it keeps erroring when I try to connect to Facebook. Is there a way to connect to Facebook with the mod? Thanks.

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      How to login to Facebook with Modded Games:

      1. Disable/uninstall the Facebook app.
      2. Launch the game that requires Facebook login to play.
      3. You will be redirected to a browser login for Facebook.

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      Yes, it has done.

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      thnx for ur effort buddy I enjoyed the last moded JWA app as well. Sadly the new big update arrived so soon. I’m depending on u to mod 1.8.26 version as well. I will keep in check for updates from apkmody?

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    Do I need to uninstall the previous version?
    It won’t update on the one I have installed which I downloaded from here.

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      I guess when I uninstall I will lose all the progress I have made so far?

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      I really enjoyed your previous mod man…when can I expect the next mod for 1.7.33..so hard to play without mode..looking forward to the new mod..thnx in advance

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      1.7.33 Updated.

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