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NameJunkyard Builder Simulator
Package Namecom.FreemindGames.JunkyardBuilder
PublisherFreeMind Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Have you ever experienced mastering a large scrapyard and freely creating everything from thousands of waste products around? In my opinion, this is also a pretty exciting experiment, especially when playing in a detailed simulation game like Junkyard Builder Simulator MOD APK.

Introduce about Junkyard Builder Simulator

Learn how to manage a scrapyard and turn useless things into useful ones, making a lot of money!

Scrap is not just waste material

In some countries, many times garbage of all kinds is gathered in one place, suffering the people who handle the waste. They should have been specifically sorted from the source and just put in the right landfill location.

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If waste is properly sorted, things will probably be a lot better: waste can be sorted out, not mixed, minimize environmental pollution, water pollution, scrap is also utilized, and more thorough recycling.

You can play this simulation game to understand the value of the garbage brought, thereby having more motivation to sort garbage right from your place, contributing to making it a habit in daily life.

You will be the owner of the scrapyard, only gain and don’t lose anything

Junkyard Builder Simulator is a crafting simulation game. But the production of machines, equipment, and items is in a rather strange situation: from scraps in the landfill.

Scrap is always looked down upon and almost always thrown away as useless. While most people do, you think otherwise. You see potential in the items piled up in this vast scrap yard. Ah, forgot to introduce, playing Junkyard Builder Simulator, you will be the owner of a large scrapyard in the area. This owner has a very open look and especially appreciates the value of each item.

Junkyard Builder Simulator for Android

Thanks to that, he was able to see things other people don’t: for example, scraps can be completely reused, recycled, even renewed most unexpectedly. Also, thanks to his high skill, resourcefulness, and know-how to do anything, he has turned all his ideas into reality. That’s the context of the game.


As mentioned, you have a lot of things in your hands: vast scrap yards, multi-talented talents, and countless ideas to get rich… So you will both manage your scrap yard, and start making a series of cool things based on these discarded items.

Or you will gather all the corroded pipes in one place, packing them up, and selling them.

Like renewing an old car, you will repair parts to get it working again.

Wherever there is scrap, you will come up with ideas to renovate and constantly make money. The money you have to spend is not much, most of it is transportation and management. So if this process continues for a long time, it is clear that the day of becoming a scrap yard millionaire is not far away.

There are thousands of ways to earn money in the Junkyard Builder Simulator. But first, you have to go through the hardest, most time-consuming part of this scrap yard: cleaning and sorting. Paper, scrap metal has, plastic, precious alloys, machinery, and equipment… Everything has its own place to sort.

After this step, you begin to link the ideas together to work on each scrap group. Old paper can be dyed into colored paper – for sale. Metal can be melted and smelted into different blocks to be used as semi-finished products for machine manufacturers – for sale. Plastic can be melted and regenerated into other shapes and colors – for sale. Engine machinery is more complicated, need to tweak them from a little to a lot, then find lost or replaceable parts, assemble and build a new, valuable engine and useful – for sale. Used cars can change the furniture, change the paint color, change some damaged components, make it work well again to sell.

Junkyard Builder Simulator MOD by APKMODY

You can see that no matter how hard it is, the guy’s final destination in the game is to sell the repaired items into finished products to make money. This money is partly invested in machinery to make the above work faster and easier. Other money is to buy new tools to support the working process, pay to hire labor for cleaning, sorting, and simple tasks in the scrap yard. The rest is the profit to continue to generate other more valuable money.

Don’t overlook the big, sealed bins in the scrap yard. Sometimes you’ll get a surprise tool or a valuable piece of machinery, some sort of random game reward in it.

Learn to do everything

This game is not merely played for fun (which is admittedly really fun), but can also learn a lot from it. You can learn how to sort garbage to later apply to your own family, learn to handle a variety of machines, tools, equipment, and materials. Or you can learn how to handle paper, metal, plastic; learn the waste treatment process; learn the process of restoring more advanced complex machines. All these pieces of knowledge, in real life, are not easy to be seen with your own eyes, in such detail.

MOD APK version of Junkyard Builder Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Gentle simulation game, very strange and attractive situations, good simulation, rhythmic action, variety while playing and learning many useful things. You should play this amazing game, it’s worth the experience!

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