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NameJUMANJI: The Curse Returns
Package Namecom.marmalade.jumanji
PublisherMarmalade Game Studio
MOD FeaturesNo
PriceFREE $1.99
RequiresAndroid 6.0

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns APK is the jungle adventure game of Marmalade Game Studios. It will bring you a fascinating long-term adventure that is also suspenseful.

Introduce about JUMANJI: The Curse Returns

A plea for help for the beginning of the adventure!

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is said to take the plot from a popular adventure movie in 1995. It followed the adventures of a group of friends. During an outing into the forest, they got lost in a small town. Many rather strange things happened in succession when the group came here. Finally, a call for help appeared, and the group decided to go deep into the jungle to save this Brantford town. The deeper into each event, the more the group was drawn into the vortex of hatred, the revenge of a man whose malice turned him into an extreme madman. Will you survive and do what you want to do or like many others, go forever?

The adventure is tinged with hatred, but the gameplay is very fun and enthusiastic

Choosing the classic puzzle style (rolling the dice, reading puzzles, and finding ways to overcome them with wits and resourcefulness), JUMANJI: The Curse Returns brings the feeling almost like the famous original movie: excitement, then fear, confusion, and determination. This psychological loop that keeps circling in the game will make you positively experience many climaxes of emotions.

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Your heart will jump, and sometimes you will even have to scream when you see an angry elephant swinging its trunk in all directions and rushing towards you, or a pack of fierce wolves scowling at you in the night. No matter what the trap is, your task in each level is only one: find your way to the center of the board – the battle. If you do this well, you will win and pass to the next level with more challenges.

Of course, in each level, there is not only one danger

Everything may be easy at first. And later, more and more threats appear, everything around can be a clue to death, and they can strike at the same time. For example, when you are busy dealing with aggressive wild animals, you discover that the normally harmless vines now naturally twist your legs and tie your wrists as if to tie you up at any time. More challengingly, the old hunter Van Pelt appears randomly and threatens to shoot a few times. So, you must have the help of friends or use all your resources to get out of this tight challenge. These kinds of situations can happen at any stage. And you, if you want to survive and do more noble things, must always exercise your brain at full speed.

The adventure is steeped in hatred, each situation is full of challenges like no other. The journey is therefore always full of spirit and excitement. Not to mention the shapes of the animals, the green of the jungle, and the series of movements around make you always feel excited and happy, even if you are so pressed with the challenges that you can’t breathe.

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In addition to being constantly made difficult, you are also rewarded with some fun things from time to time: more time, more team points when you help your friends get out of the siege, gifts – magic objects. These things help a little but make the fun even more fun. 

The secret when playing with friends is to stand together to face the dangers. If you separate, the whole group will be easily defeated. The rule is: to go around your decks, matching ‘the right items’ to ‘the danger’ to banish them back into the jungle. Besides, use items intelligently to rescue friends and rescue yourself from obstacles on the chessboard (such as using magic shields).

One of the skills that the player must master during the adventure is: Master your token spells. Tokens will be charged when used to create magic. And when it is fully charged, it can save you from danger, even banishing evil hunters from the board.

Game modes

The game has 3 game modes: Single, Online with friends, and Online multiplayer. The online-with-friends mode can be said to be excellent. You can play with 3 friends at the same time (4 people in total). In any game mode, you can choose a character at the start of the game’s 6 available characters.

Each round is a race against time to get to the center of the board. The general rule is that: on the table, 5 positions need to be protected. If you lose all 5 of those strategic positions in turn, you lose.

Graphics and sound

Graphics are an interesting thing in JUMANJI: The Curse Returns. The old forest scene opens up green, stretching endlessly with countless mysteries waiting. The beasts appear vivid, flexible, and menacing. The character’s shape is also quite good. Everything is in harmony with each other very delicately, especially in terms of color. Well, to me, it has nothing to complain about.

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The background music of the game is also very good. All are taken from the original soundtrack of the famous composer Christopher Willis, who has won many prestigious awards. The tempo of the game is moderate, in harmony with the music, and the sound effects make the game more and more exciting later on.

Download JUMANJI: The Curse Returns APK free for Android

Whether you want to play alone or want to connect with a few close friends, just download JUMANJI: The Curse Returns to play. Let’s team up and have fun together!

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