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Juicy Realm APK + MOD (Unlocked Characters, God Mode, Fast Reload, Unlimited Skills) v3.1.5

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NameJuicy Realm
Package Namenet.spacecan.juicyrealm.android
PublisherX.D. Network
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Characters, God Mode, Fast Reload, Unlimited Skills
PriceFREE $2.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Please use Juicy Realm MOD APK (Unlocked Characters) to upgrade and equip the hero with the best weapons, before he enters a series of dungeon battles.

Introduce about Juicy Realm

Have you ever thought that one day humans will no longer be at the top of the food chain, but instead are plants? A war will break out between humans and trees for the top of the food chain. If that topic interests you, then join Juicy Realm, an RPG of X.D. Network.


In the future, the order of all creatures has been broken. The plants now become the leading species of the food chain. At first, humans didn’t care and it was only when plants began to grow limbs and develop the consciousness that humans realized that their positions were at stake. As one of the first people to discover that the plant empire is growing and out of control, you have a very important task to penetrate the lair of these threats and prevent them.

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It can be seen that Juicy Realm is a game that combines action, adventure with dual shooting scenes. Players are allowed to experience the journey throughout the storyline from the perspective of many characters. Each of them has their own unique skills and appearance.

The task of the player is quite simple. You just need to defeat all enemies on each level to open the door to another area. A special thing that I really like about Juicy Realm is that with each character and difficulty level, the experience will be renewed. So, you can’t replay many times to through the level like other RPGs (due to this factor Juicy Realm is considered quite difficult to overcome). According to experience, I suggest that you should choose Boxer (capable of creating HP recovery ring) if you want your journey lighter a bit.

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In addition, Juicy Realm also has a fast sliding mechanism to use power bars. However, this mechanism is not really useful because the recovery time between quick slides is quite large, you can only increase the power bar by collecting batteries. This makes the character can only slide one or two times in one battle.

One more thing is that this game doesn’t allow you respawn in place. If you lose, no matter where you are, you will be sent back to the camp, starting from the beginning. Perhaps this is the intention of the developer to increase the challenge, but many players complain this feature makes them angry because they have to play again and again. This combines with the difficulty of this game, which makes many players feel “discouraged”. Stuck in one place too long is also a problem not many players feel excited.

In addition to attacking, do not forget to defend and expand your base. If you encounter a dungeon too difficult and can not fight alone, you can choose the team together with other players to increase the chances of winning.


Juicy Realm’s weapons collection is a bit weird. If your character has long-range attacks, then choose weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns and some other types. And if you like close combat, you will have “weird” options such as a wrench, Lightsaber, a pan in PUBG, or even some weird toy with a rooster image. In particular, these weapons will appear randomly and interwoven with the types of ammunition, healing items, strength-enhancing drugs, … If you say victory is largely based on luck, it is not wrong.

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Your bag has a limit space, so you should consider carefully before throwing away an item to replace another item because there is no guarantee that you will get a better item.

MOD APK version of Juicy Realm

MOD features

  • Unlocked Characters
  • God Mode
  • Fast Reload
  • Unlimited Skills

Download Juicy Realm MOD APK for Android

Although there are still a few small errors, in general, Juicy Realm still stands out with a lovely, diverse style of graphics and simple but equally challenging gameplay. This will definitely be a suitable game to relax after stressful working hours. Download this game and experience it now!

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Juicy Realm v3.1.5
Juicy Realm icon
Juicy Realm v3.1.5

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  • nhozl0v336544 avatar
    Thanh Liêm Lê

    I cant play the game, it black all the screen when I open game

    • daxua avatar
      Mr Daxua

      Make sure you have installed the OBB file

    • nhozl0v336544 avatar
      Thanh Liêm Lê

      Yes I did

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