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John GBA APK v3.92

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App Info

Name John GBA
Package Name com.johnemulators.johngba
MOD Features
Version 3.92
Size 1.49 MB

It's been many years since the peak of gaming devices like GBA, GBC or Nintendo 3DS. Many people are still nostalgic about them, finding ways to play the most popular roms titles, such as the Pokémon series. Although the production and commercialization of classic game machines has been discontinued, it also opens up a niche, namely emulator applications for the aforementioned systems. And John GBA APK is one of the best GBA emulators for Android that I want to recommend to you.

Introduce about John GBA

John GBA - The best GBA emulator for Android

Overall, John GBA is a lightweight, good performance GBA emulator that works on almost all Android devices running Android 2.3 and above. You can use the code and insert it into the game to cheat, save data, game state.

John GBA is very convenient to use. You just need to download the GBA game zipped files and use them directly. Many other emulators have yet to achieve this. They force you to convert the format in order to be able to read and play the game's data.

In addition, John GBA also supports many other features, such as taking screenshots while playing, connecting to external controllers so you can enjoy your favorite GBA games with a better experience. Of course, that is not required because the application comes with a built-in virtual controller. You can interact with function buttons right on the touch screen.

Scan and import files quickly

John GBA requests memory access as soon as you start the app for the first time. That allows John GBA to scan through the device's memory so that it can search for available GBA games. These games will then be imported directly into the app. You can check these games in the app's main list, then choose one of them to download and play.

John GBA also supports saving state of each game. That is, when you play Pokémon Ruby and are at a certain stage in one of the seven cities, you can save and continue playing at that stage on the next reboot. Some games that are not started will always be labeled "Not Play". This application supports two file formats for GBA: .zip and .gba.


John GBA offers quite a bit of customization, and you can customize the gamepad and their buttons anywhere on the screen. This is convenient to play if your screen is smaller or wider than usual.

In addition, you can adjust the game speed up to x2, in order to skip the conversations with the NPC or when the character moves in the environment.

Download John GBA APK for Android

John GBA - the name seems a bit odd for a game emulator. But you wouldn't know that it is one of the coolest and easiest GBA emulators out there. Currently, John GBA is available for the Android platform, released on Google Play by John Emulators. They have extensive experience in developing emulators for different systems.

In addition, John GBA also offers a Lite version. It's free, with the same features as the paid version I'm recommending. However, the ads show up many ads and that is probably what makes you feel annoyed while playing. So, use the free John GBA paid version via the links below.