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Jade Empire Special Edition is an action game to train martial arts and impressive kicks. Believe me, once you play it, you can hardly leave it.

Introduce about Jade Empire Special Edition

The Story of the Heart of Water Dragon God


One day, Master Li carried an infant. He protected him in his arms while breaking through the encirclement of the pursuers. After escaping from the enemy, he fled to Nhi Ha area, changed his name, and opened a dojo, both to make a living and stabilize his life and to hide their true identities.

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Twenty years passed, Master Li was old and planned to find a successor. And the baby had grown up to be a handsome and talented man. The past was thought to be left behind. But the darkness still pursued to this day. The days of practicing martial arts happily with brothers in the dojo soon disappeared. The underlings of the old assassin came back in the imperial Lotus Assassin army. They quickly destroyed the dojo and killed all the innocent people present there, turning the peaceful place into a sea of ​​​​fire.

The long past story is gradually revealed through Master Li’s last words. The child in the past was the heir of Spirit Monks, the legendary warriors who once protected Water Dragon God. 

Come back in time many years ago. Emperor Sun Hai led his army to attack Tu Ca Temple and killed all Spirit Monks warriors with the desire to take the heart of Water Dragon God to end the drought. But when the drought was over, the kingdom of Sun Hai had to pay the price for its extravagant actions. The whole realm was continuously engulfed in a series of relentless attacks by the sea monsters. Water Dragon God was gone, no one could tame the water and expel the ghostly spirits. In the old battle, Master Li was the only surviving Spirit Monk, and the baby was the only remaining descendant of the heroic warriors.

Now, when things are getting worse, you and the rescued baby will shoulder a difficult task: to fight the madness of Sun Hai’s court and to find the heart of Water Dragon God hidden somewhere in the castle, to fight a series of goblins and demons from all over the world rushing to the kingdom.


How to fight in Jade Empire Special Edition is quite simple: tap for the attack, move up for power attack, move down for healing, move left for Chi strike, move right for Area attack, and touch and hold for blocking.

The game has a lot to talk about. It has an attractive swordplay plot and countless thrilling details with sacred and demonic imprints inside. Swordsman fans, of course, can’t ignore it. But not only that, but Jade Empire Special Edition is also a great real-time Combat game.

Once you play this super product, you will praise it. Otherwise, you surely are not a fan of the swordplay game. And once you have entered the first battle, you will probably be immersed in it.

Characters and skills

Jade Empire Special Edition is famous for its unique moves and skills, and a cast of great heroic characters. In any situation and battle, you can see the game space, characters, costumes, and moves are bold swordplay. The characters can also be developed in many different directions with countless martial arts moves. They can kick, dodge attacks, and even summon the souls of beasts to enter combat. Each development branch you choose for your character will end up with a fighting style that is unique to that hero. Just think you have a lot of heroes, and you will understand how great and diverse the ability to fight is.

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In a role-playing and real-time combat game, you will have to face all kinds of enemies, all of them are fierce and scary. They are bloodthirsty ferocious assassins, demons, monsters, and a lot of bad guys.

Also, don’t forget. The specialty of RPG games is that no matter what type of combat combination or unusual theme, it still has an element of choice. You can choose to make different good and bad decisions in each moment, leading to completely different outcomes. The fate of the character is all in your hands and every small decision you make.

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The game has a good story with great swordplay graphics, diverse character lines of all qualities, an attractive combat system, and decisive decision choices. Jade Empire Special Edition, in my opinion, is truly a super product. Trust me, it will never disappoint you.

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