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NameISEKAI: Demon Waifu
Package Namecom.ysjmwdfz.mfnmsen
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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ISEKAI: Demon Waifu APK is an MMO game for players 17 years and older with extremely interesting content. The game was released by TAPZEN PTE on March 25, 2021.

Introduce about ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

This game overall has simple gameplay. Your task is to go to the dungeon, increase strength and “watch”. Why “watching”, I will explain in more detail later. Although the game has attracted millions of downloads, it is not very popular. And for such games, the time zone is very important. To make it easier for players to participate in events, you need to know the time zones of the servers. Currently the game is only released in 3 regions: EU with UTC+0, NA with UTC-5 and SEA with UTC+8.

The story

The first reason why the game became unpopular is the plot. Surely you have also seen the advertisement of this game before on Facebook, YouTube… with a short video introducing the plot. The player transforms into an employee who has just been fired. Not only that, when he just stepped out of the company, he met his girlfriend in the car of a rich man. In the end, he decided to end his life by “jumping”. At this moment, a strange light stopped him and revealed a Succubus who dragged him to another world.

But the plot in the game is completely different. They introduce the game plot with comic boxes. You are an employee with a low salary. While working hard, a Succubus under the table appeared and dragged him into another world. Here, he transforms into a demon lord who commands thousands of soldiers and has a harem to serve him.


The next reason is that the gameplay of this game is quite simple and a bit boring. The player’s task is to increase the power and complete the infinitely long storyline. Although the game has a full story, no one has been able to complete the story missions that the system gives to reach the end. The fighting style of the game is fully automatic. After summoning your waifu, you just have to watch them fight each other. Whoever is stronger will win. The player cannot interfere in any situation. Honestly, it’s a bit disappointing when they don’t invest in it but make it extremely simple.


War force represents strength. That proves the strength of his army. Therefore, do not hesitate to use resources to upgrade your army and waifu. Resources in the game are quite easy to find and also consume a lot. You can own hundreds of millions of crystals and gold at the start. But in a short while you will be back to the proletariat. Spending so much has its benefits. If your army is strong, you can easily pass the plot milestones and open new features. Strong Waifu can climb to high arena ranks and easily buff troops. So, don’t hesitate to spend them to increase your fighting power.


This is the feature that I say is to literally “watch”. As the title says, the game is intended for players 17 years of age and older. For every waifu you own, you can date them. And when they are close enough, they will unlock the CG or in other words the sexy images of the characters. And of course, they covered things that needed to be covered in order to be browsed on Google Play. This feature is probably the motivation for us to play this game every day.

Character collection

Characters in the game are quite a lot and you can get it for free. Half of the characters, you will meet through the story quest. Then you can get them completely free. In addition, you can get more characters through the Outing system. Players have the opportunity to own more waifu through the system. And in particular, no resources are required to summon. However, some characters can only be obtained by becoming a VIP. Not only that, the game is currently having a collaboration event with Monster Musume. Hurry up to join to be able to meet with limited characters.


Waifu cũng có thể làm đẹp bằng cách mặc trang phục. Chỉ có một cách để có được chúng, đó là sự kiện. Sử dụng tài nguyên có được để tham gia sự kiện trong thời gian giới hạn và sở hữu nhiều skin hấp dẫn.


Arena to create competition between players. Fight with your waifu formation. Therefore, you need a strong team of 4 people to climb to the top and get many rewards. At the start of the match, they are also fully automatic and have very little animation. Besides, the game also has a clan system for you to connect with many other players. Try to join a strong clan and participate in multiplayer activities.


In this regard, there is nothing to criticize. The character design is very beautiful and eye-catching for players. However, the game is quite lacking in character animation. I think, they should make the battles better and more beautiful. Thus, the game can score points with players, not only with the dating system.

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In general, this game has its good and bad. Very nice character design and attractive dating system. For those who don’t have a girlfriend can join and date 2D girls. However, in my opinion, the game’s combat mechanism is a bit boring and lacks the climax. That makes ISEKAI: Demon Waifu less appealing.

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