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NameInterior Story
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

I don’t want to call Interior Story MOD APK a game, but I wanna call it a small story about life. Each house has a different view. And as a talented interior designer, you will help people regenerate the energy for their house for a happier life.

Introduce about Interior Story

Renew life energy with rare interior design talent

Put down the guns and swords! Let’s decorate the house!

Sometimes when I need a new wind, I like to play light games. And these days, I have found a very exciting match 3 home decoration game, Interior Story. It’s hard to believe but honestly, at some point, put down the guns and swords from the fighting games and try a game like this, you will feel something very special. You will even be addicted to it without knowing. It also looks beautiful and partially satisfies my passion. I was also surprised by this game. Believe me, if you try out this beautiful and cool game, you will immediately sympathize with me.

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Match 3 interior decoration game

In Interior Story, you will be an interior design expert. Following the customers, listening to their needs and stories, you rewrite a new page in their lives by decorating every corner of their house.

In short, it’s a match 3 game where you find points, collect items and decorate the house.

But it’s very different from other similar games I’ve played before. First, Interior Story has a lot of levels. Both in match-3 games and challenging levels in interior work. From the decoration of a small area such as the balcony of the house or the corner of the bathroom, you will gradually receive larger jobs such as renovating the bedroom in a large house, redesigning the kitchen for a rich owner, changing the appearance of the living room in a villa…

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To unlock many interesting things for the decoration in the guest’s house, you must continuously complete match-3 minigames along the way. The difficulty level of these puzzles also increases in proportion to the size of the space to be redecorated. The match 3 game has nothing to say, it’s too simple. So, I believe you can do it well.

The important thing is that after each of these match-3 wins, you will choose some from a few given items. You must think carefully to decide what color, texture, and shape of the item to be put in the space. Make sure they fit with each corner! This is really the core of the game and also the hardest thing for interior decorators.

And more

There are a lot of games like this, a kind of house decoration simulation. Each game is only slightly different. The first thing that caught my attention is always the graphics. The beautiful graphics are very important for a decoration game. Well, the first impression Interior Story gives me is quite good. The 3D graphics are fine, sharp, detailed to each small item. Choosing and placing items can be done very smoothly. The corners of the house and the items can fit each other well. It sounds simple, but there are not many games that can do this.

Each customer brings a touching story

The second impression is the feeling of depth. Interior Story also makes a difference. It is enough to hold you to stay with this game amidst hundreds of home decoration games today. Every customer you meet has a different story. They can be a student or a businesswoman, a gentle couple, or a difficult single guy. Your task is to use your creative design talent to help them partly solve their problems with their house.

For example, a couple comes to ask you to redecorate the bedroom. Immediately, you realize their relationship has some problems, and they are no longer romantic and no longer find passion in each other. You’ll need to work hard to create a bedroom that’s romantic and mood-boosting. Thereby, you help them feel more empathetic, connected, and inspired in this refreshing bedroom.

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Another example is the story of a single mother who has two children and wants to remodel the kitchen. You will have to think like a mother. And design everything to make the most delicate and meticulous kitchen. In this new kitchen, the children can feel comfortable, and the mother feels inspired to create more delicious food. Above all, the selected items must be beautiful and have bright colors. They must be full of energy but not too dazzling or disrupting the general layout of the house. Importantly, everything must be absolutely safe for children.

MOD APK version of Interior Story

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Interior Story APK & MOD for Android

I highly appreciate such psychological situations and stories in Interior Story. Few match-3 home decoration games bring emotional depth like this game. It’s a great experience. After playing, I felt relaxed a lot. When I went back to the fighting games, I even found myself much less angry even if I lost the battles. LOL.

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