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NameImpostor vs Crewmate
Package Namecom.os.falcon.among.impostor.z
MOD FeaturesCrewmates Cant See
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Impostor vs Crewmate MOD APK is a game on a mobile platform, the shortened version of Among Us. Of course, everything is simpler and a lot less brain hacking. You play an impostor role in killing all the crewmates on the spaceship, get points to buy clothes, bags and hats.

Impostor vs Crewmate: Kill teammates in the ninja style

A shortened version of Among Us

It is the same way to raise the issue with the famous game Among Us. The setting of Impostor and Crewmate takes place in a spaceship in outer space. In which there are two factions. One side is Crewmates. The other side is you only, the Impostor.

Impostor vs Crewmate for Android

While the Crewmate AI is doing things to maintain the spacecraft’s daily operations, your mission is to hide and slowly kill all the crews and use your unique “vent skills” to escape from the crime scene.

Fun action game in a puzzle style

In Impostor vs Crewmate, Impostor’s process of killing and fleeing takes place quite smoothly. You are privileged to give many advantages from the start compared to the crowded Crewmate but stupid on the spacecraft.

You are evil in the form of a real Crewmate, and possess the ability to kill with one knife. If any unlucky Crewmate stays with you, he will surely die.

Impostor vs Crewmate MOD APK download

In addition to the ability to kill quickly, you also have the ability to jump down the vent and move quickly to another location on the spaceship to avoid suspicion. You are also equipped with many hidden corners that facilitate the crime process.

And finally, all the dumb crewmates have only a single cone of sight. As long as you stay out of this cone, no one will see, no matter what you are doing, killing people or running around in the spaceship.

Does that mean you are immortal, cannot lose?

No way. At first, it all went pretty easy. You can escape while inflicting evil and wandering around without any threat. But to the next level, things are no longer simple. The number of crewmates may spike in a certain area of the spaceship. The blind spot that conceals the crime appears to be less, and the probability of encountering the crewmate’s cone vision increases.

Crewmate just needs to see you in their cone vision, and boom, you will be kicked out into dark space. There is not any meeting or negotiation opportunity. Just like when you wave your hand to kill someone, you won’t let anyone say a word.

Mechanisms “kill” each other clearly simple and quicker than the original game Among Us a lot. And in my opinion, this is a good point of Impostor vs Crewmate on a mobile platform, where you need to play quickly, effectively kill time.

After killing the crew, you will receive money for shopping

Every time you kill a crewmate, you will be scored with colored diamonds. When you have enough diamonds, you will have the opportunity changing skin, changing backpacks, changing hats and even a pet companions for fun.

That is enough to motivate you for your killing journey. The levels end when you kill all the crewmate on board and collect a lot of diamonds for yourself to spend slowly.

Colorful graphics and fun music

The graphics of the game Impostor vs Crewmate are probably not something worth mentioning or honoring. At first, it looked bored. Both the situation from the context, the space to the character is color blocks. And even the color scheme of these things is quite plump, sometimes there are color lumps with tones from the surviving Windows 98 era.

Impostor vs Crewmate MOD by APKMODY

But after playing, I think again. Actually, the design like this is also good, if not, the knife slash people in one shot will look terrible. Imagine one day when this game made 3D, it would definitely turn into the action horror genre.

Unlike the original Among Us, the music in Impostor vs Crewmate is quite impressive for me. Because of its fast, fast, everything happens in the blink of an eye, the soft space music also contributes to the player’s full focus on killing the crewmate but also not being bored.

MOD APK version of Impostor vs Crewmate

MOD feature

Crewmate Can’t See

Download Impostor vs Crewmate MOD APK for Android

In general, both graphics and music are not the problem. The key attraction of Impostor vs Crewmate is the simple and pick gameplay I just mentioned above. The game also allows for offline play without spending a penny. Isn’t that what you’re really looking for in a quick time-killing mobile game?

Download Impostor vs Crewmate MOD APK to play here!

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