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NameImposter Solo Kill
Package Namecom.iec.imposter.solo.kill
PublisherIEC Games Australia
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK is a puzzle game following Among Us from the publisher IEC Games Australia. Your only and final mission is to defeat all the crew members, leaving no survivors.

Introduce about Imposter Solo Kill

Why is being an Impostor so much fun?

How is Imposter Solo Kill different from Among Us?

Imposter Solo Kill is almost identical to Among Us. But you have to understand the meaning of the word “Solo Kill” to see all its fun and interesting points. In the game, you are a single Imposter on a spaceship. And your only mission is to find and defeat all the people left on the ship.

Different from the original Among Us or other similar mobile games. In Imposter Solo Kill, there’s no Meeting, no complicated escapes or “fake” voting. Everything is simple and the levels are surprisingly quick. The gameplay is also extremely comfortable. Some people say that you may even not need to use your brain to play, which is a bit exaggerated, but also partly true. You just need to spy on the guys on the spaceship and take the opportunity to take them down one by one.

Two points make the game simple and easy to play like never before

Two things make this game terribly easy. The first is that there is no restriction of vision. As long as they don’t look at you, they won’t know what you are doing, or if someone is sneaking back to you and looking scared, you can completely take action right away without worrying that they will put you at a disadvantage.

The second advantage is that because the crew members are all controlled by AI, they almost rarely move, so you are free to act.

Every time a member is defeated, you will get points. And while moving back and forth between one room and another, it is also possible to earn a few coins. Collecting these coins will help you buy cool things in the store in turn, from clothes to accessories. 

And if the process of your crime is too obvious, when the whole crew is staring at you and not looking scared, they will rush and grab and shove you out to the darkness outside. But in my opinion, this situation is quite difficult to happen, so feel free to play until the end.

Corresponding to this easy-to-handle play mechanism, the operation in the game is like a joke: you just need to touch to move around the ship, touch a member to kill, continue to touch to collect items and accumulated points, done.

The interesting point is the difficulty waiting for you in the higher levels 

Life always has a “but”. If everything in the game is just easy like that, maybe it is for three-year-old kids?

Imposter Solo Kill still has things that keep players glued to the screen and constantly think to complete the goal. Don’t let the first levels fool you. Later on, you’ll see that “it’s all a lie”. The game starts to get more difficult as the number of crew members increases, they move more and are scattered throughout the nooks and crannies of the spaceship.

There are places where 4-5 people gather, so it’s very difficult to go undetected. At this point, you must first find those who split up in one place to deal first. With the others, you need to use the tactic of “luring the tiger away from the mountain”. You approach some machine to break it, so they heard it, one immediately comes to fix, kill it right away. Keep going on and you may be done.

In case you have finished all in the room and you know someone is about to run over to check, you can take advantage of the hatches in the corner of the room to hide temporarily, when it does not look back towards you, rush to kill it immediately.

The later you play, the process becomes more and more complicated. You almost have to be constantly moving, constantly thinking, and plotting to create situations where you may easily act. This plan is also quite easy at first, but later on, it becomes more difficult and more complicated.

How does it feel to be the villain?

Since each scene is completed in a relatively quick time, the later level will take more time to finish. But keep in mind that the longer you play, the less your ability to accumulate points. So, the rule is still to kill them all in the shortest time possible.

The levels of play are not suddenly difficult, but slowly accelerate until you don’t want to play anymore or are accidentally discovered when the game is over.

The strange thing comes from this: you can be a bad person in a clear way. At the end of each screen, the words “You are Impostor” appear, not sure if it’s praise or sarcasm, but anyway, the feeling of victory is indescribable happiness.

Few games with simple gameplay, simple operation, and the pleasure brought from very pure emotions have been as successful as this game.

The graphics and sound in Imposter Solo Kill are almost identical to those in the original Among Us. The only difference is how to play like I just mentioned above.

This game has the same gameplay as Impostor vs Crewmate.

MOD APK version of Imposter Solo Kill

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK for Android

So, if you’re already an Among Us addict, getting into Imposter Solo Kill will be as easy as eating an extra piece of candy. As for those who have not experienced the original version but go straight here, they will discover the beauty and attraction of this game differently, simpler, purer, and much happier. Well, no matter which group you belong to, let’s try it to experience the feeling of such a villain.

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