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iGun Pro 2 APK + MOD (Unlocked Guns) v2.112

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NameiGun Pro 2
Package Namecom.avidionmedia.iGun2
PublisherCrimson Moon Entertainment LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Guns
RequiresAndroid 4.4

iGun Pro 2 MOD APK is a game but without any challenges or battles. You just have to unleash your creativity to create new guns and share them with global design competitions. Only that but this game has been attracted many players in the world.

Introduce about iGun Pro 2

Encyclopedia for gamers who love guns

Customize your weapons with attachments, camouflage patterns you can create

Having leisurely gameplay but iGun Pro 2 is very addictive. This game is an encyclopedia of guns of all kinds. You can see the name, details, specifications, structure, material of each large and small gun for all uses. It is also possible to interact and customize weapons from available components. You can also bring your design and custom results to participate in global design competitions.

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It’s also about guns, but it’s not an action role-playing game nor a survival battle, in iGun Pro 2 there isn’t any war, there’s no winning or losing mission or challenge. iGun Pro 2 is an improved game from iGun Pro, keeping the original attractiveness and adding a few new features to better suit a wide range of audiences. Playing iGun Pro 2, you only stop at experiencing gun simulators and enjoy the customization of cool weapons. iGun Pro 2 is attractive in its unlimited creativity when facing all kinds of guns in the world, but does not force you to do anything complicated, and is also creative to do as you like.


In iGun Pro 2, you can collect guns to build an increasingly diverse arsenal. Once you have experienced the feeling of shooting and using a variety of guns, you can take it a step further: customize your gun with a system of accessories available in the game library. This is also the most exciting part. You can optionally create a unique gun, from the paint color to the barrel, the stock, the internal movements, the pattern. Create a new gun based on an actual model you’ve seen or a brand new one, there aren’t any limitations.

In iGun Pro 2 there are 3 main items, similar to 3 game modes: Fire, Customize and Share. From the available gun collection, you will choose your favorite one. Fire mode will allow you to fire the gun, see what it looks like, how the gun fires, and hear how the explosion will sound.

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The arsenal of iGun Pro 2 is a diverse arsenal that you can hardly find in any FPS game. Each gun is meticulously detailed with sophisticated 3D graphics. Each gun has a different shape, features, and stats. Raging Bull, RFB, Python, Px4 Storm Compact, PT 911, R12, M4A1, KSG-25… The whole is divided into different clusters by feature: pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles. You can see a clear difference in each cluster like rifles are capable of fast attacks with strong firepower, pistols are short, flexible, convenient to use in all situations, sniper rifles are specialized for shooting from a distance but require precise aiming ability.

Once you’re satisfied with your results, you can participate in the iGun Pro 2 community’s design competitions to compete for the top creative rankings. Or simply you can share your gun on your social networks.

Customize your own guns

After experimenting with all sorts of guns, you can enter the Customize stage, customize your own guns. This is also a special point of this game, attracting thousands of players around the world.

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Customizing the gun is also quite simple. You just need to touch the screen and select the details you want to put in the gun. Details are sorted into accessories for you to add to the gun body, with a variety of paint color systems. Through the addition of accessories, different types of firearms can be created. And through paint color can give the gun that has just created a new look, be it new colors, textures, glossy or matte, patterns from classic to modern, simple to complex.

MOD APK version of iGun Pro 2

MOD feature

Unlocked Guns

Download iGun Pro 2 APK & MOD for Android

Let’s download and experience interesting guns in a very minimalistic way in iGun Pro 2. In addition to the main effect of adding knowledge, creating countless opportunities to spread many types of guns, freely creating different types of guns, iGun Pro 2 is also a place for you to show to your full potential. This will be a very good foundation before stepping into the different color FPS games you will play later.

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