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Idle Space Farmer APK + MOD (Unlimited Daily Rewards, Unlimited Money) v1.9.4

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NameIdle Space Farmer
Package Namecom.anxiousottergames.spacefarmer
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Daily Rewards, Unlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Idle Space Farmer MOD APK is a unique game. There is both shooting and farm management, but the setting is in space. As for the “waifu”, they dress up in extremely sexy clothes. This is a very strange type of farm that I have never tried before.

Introduce about Idle Space Farmer

Recruit your space agents now in this space farming manager simulator!

Strange farming ideas

Idle Space Farmer will help you become a universe millionaire with a series of tasks: manage the farm, shoot down monsters to protect your farm and harvest to have profit. From here, you will become more and more rich with this strange asset.

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Farming games have a lot of weird genres that I’m sure you can’t imagine. As the case of Idle Space Farmer, the main idea to open a farm in space will make players curious and excited. Not to mention the player’s happy ending will be an epic cosmic farming empire and become a space farm boss.

However, it’s easier said than done!

Farming in space is not as easy as you think

First entering Idle Space Farmer, you will be able to choose one of the attractive farmers cum agents that the game offers. Exaggeration and overdoing seem to be the specialty of this game. You can see right from the image of the main characters with sexy figure and pretty face. They even do not look of a farmer or a warrior. But stop wondering about those rationalities. From the start, the idea of farming in space is unrealistic.

Idle Space Farmer is different from the simulation in farming games. Usually, the process is planting, cultivating, harvesting, processing goods from agricultural products and then selling agricultural products directly. But in Idle Space Farmer, things are not like that at all. Your mission is to recruit the best agents to defeat space monsters and protect your space farm. Proceeds from agricultural products will be used to hire more staff to work, upgrade the farm, equipment, and spacecraft.

During the game, you will need to use the profits from your farm to do many things. The first is to upgrade the agent to increase the defense of the farm. It is they who will do the main work on the gardens. So, the stronger the agent becomes, the more capable he is. The more versatile he is, the more smoothly his work will progress, and at the same time no longer afraid of being attacked by the enemy.

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Each agent from the beginning has had its own unique skills. Through the upgrade process, each of them will be stronger and more modern in their own way. But in general, both increase the ability to fight and the efficiency of farming on the farm.

Through the process of protecting, developing your farm, and making a lot of profit, you will continuously expand your sphere of influence and raise your farming empire. The farm is now not only on one planet anymore but has opened to many other planets. In each location, you will hire the on-site workforce. Once again, richness in the game appears. We have large farms where workers are giants, octopuses, mantises, and many other strange species all over the galaxy.

Traveling across the galaxy

Playing Idle Space Farmer, you not only enjoy the strange farming process, but also experience the epic spaceflight and a series of fierce battles with hordes of alien monsters. Each journey brings a different feeling.

At first, everything is confined to the spaceship’s premises. However, as it becomes more profitable, you will proceed to upgrade the ship to have more space for farming and then land on other planets to expand business. At this point, the scene has completely changed. Each planet is a different space, the color, terrain and even the inhabitants here hired by you to farm also are created a different look. Traveling around the galaxy, you will see a lot of interesting things.

Idle Space Farmer MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The game is idle, so you only need to set up the first part, upgrade the agent when needed, and then you just sit and enjoy the results of the farm without constantly interacting with the screen.

Idle Space Farmer can be played both online and offline. So, you guys just download and pull it out to play whenever you like. Play wherever you go and automatically save it there to keep going next time.

MOD APK version of Idle Space Farmer

MOD features

  • Unlimited Daily Rewards
  • Unlimited Money


You use MENU to enable/disable MOD features.

Download Idle Space Farmer APK & MOD for Android

If you want a completely new farm management experience with the craziest idea in the world, you must play through Idle Space Farmer. Farm in space combining fighting alien monsters. Strange gameplay, attractive shapes, and non-stop activities. There are still many automatic mechanisms for you to leisurely receive the results after the initial creation. This interesting game is worth a try.

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