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NameIdle GYM Sports
Package Namecom.hello.idlegymsports
PublisherHello Games Team
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline

Loving sports is never wrong. It is even more correct if you are the operator of a large fitness center with a full range of subjects for the training needs of every customer. Let’s play Idle GYM Sports MOD APK, a sports simulation game from the publisher Hot Games Team, to figure out everything that you have to do.

Introduce about Idle GYM Sports

A simulation game to build and manage a sports complex: you will have 1001 things to do without rest.

A sports theme with a very different approach

“Exercise to lose weight, stay fit, and maintain health” is always easier to say than to do. That’s why so many people choose fitness centers to get more motivation and dedicated and scientific guidance from fitness trainers. That is also the reason that gym centers are so profitable. More and more individuals and organizations invest heavily to set up more and more centers.

So, have you ever wondered if you took on the responsibility of operating, managing, and developing a large sports center, where would you take it to? You may need to download this Idle GYM Sports simulation game to get some useful information before you decide to do it in real life.

Idle GYM Sports is a sports complex center management simulation game. You are the owner of a large building, with many open areas, indoor and outdoor. Your policy is to build it into a super large sports complex for all residents in this city. But is this really as easy as you think?

The journey of construction, management, and expansion of this sports center is like a long, non-stop battle

You plan to build all kinds of sports, from simple to complex, for every customer from individual to team, such as gym, swimming pool, football field, basketball court, tennis court, horse racing, archery field, boxing field… in your center. In general, everyone can practise whatever sport they want. And since your place is the only sports center in this neighborhood, everyone will come here. Of course, the quality of services here is also great.

Your goal in the short term is to get a significant amount of revenue from the sports services in your complex so that you can continue to expand the model, the service, and the quality coaching staff. The bigger goal is the desire to bring health and ideal physique to everyone in the neighborhood, to satisfy all customers who come here, and to become a place for the residents to have faith in sports and fitness. For a longer-term and larger goal, you want to expand to more complexes with the same original model and develop further with many large-scale and efficient operations.

What you are planning as above can become a reality in this game. Let’s start with the simplest things. At first, you only have an empty land with rudimentary gyms and not much equipment, a few rather picky customers with a specific request. When each of these customers’ needs is satisfied, you will earn money and credit points from them, and some people are even willing to pay long-term with membership cards if they think the service is reputable enough and for the right need.

With money, you will expand other types of sports, buy more equipment, hire more trainers for gyms. Along with the variety of services here, the number of customers is getting more and more, customers in groups and celebrities also appear. You will continue to diversify your service such as consulting rooms, customer care services, home training services for customers who are not convenient to go to the gym, making contracts with elite sports athletes for specialized subjects such as basketball, boxing, archery… 

Don’t talk about getting bored here because you have 1001 different things to do

Idle GYM Sports is more special than other simulations in that: although there is a lot to do, each task at each area is designed in meticulous detail, and every task related to each sports area has the same focus. So, each subject in this complex is like a unique scene for you to explore. You never get bored or any feeling of repetition.

Not to mention, interspersed professional decisions are a series of short-term, long-term, operational, and personnel decisions that are constantly taking place. Many times, you feel like you must have three heads and six arms to manage your sports center. But it is the series of fast-paced and exciting missions that create an exciting rhythm for you.

Graphics and sounds

Idle GYM Sports uses 3D graphics whose level of detail will make you gasp. Each training area of ​​each subject appears with a full standard design, modern equipment, and different functions. Each character, even if it is a small customer on the mobile screen, is still very sharp in different appearance, and can move smoothly. You may even not imagine that each of those tiny characters can even be customized to dress according to the sport they sign up for. Such small things like that make the game like in real life.

The sound is light and fresh. The effects for each action, mission, and score are well designed to keep you motivated to experience the whole game.

MOD APK version of Idle GYM Sports

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money and diamond never decrease.

Download Idle GYM Sports MOD APK for Android

In general, Idle GYM Sports is an idle simulation game (because when you are offline everything still automatically operates and collects points). If you want to be busier, there will of course be hundreds of things for you to do. This game has various scenes with many good simulation elements. The game never ends so it is ideal for you to kill time in a light, healthy way.

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