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Idle Crafting Empire (MOD Free Shopping) is a new fun game that I found when wandering the internet, it brings you the familiar feel of Minecraft with Fruit Ninja. This unique product is developed by Futureplay on both Android and iOS. Why do I introduce this game? Please read the reviews below for the reasons:

Table of contents
  1. The story of the game
  2. Role-playing features
  3. Sound & graphics
  4. Should you play Idle Crafting Empire?
  5. Download Idle Crafting Empire MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

The story of the game

Craft Away 2

The Old Forest has long been called a mystery with many strange happenings, many people entering deep into this forest and cannot return. Idle Crafting Empire is a story about a boy and his brave friends exploring The Old Forest. While he was camping at the edge of the forest, preparing to rest, Dr. Kelly – A wicked scientist, a half-human monster capture friends of the boy when they progress into the ancient forest. Although he is alone, our boy is determined to go deep into the ancient forest to rescue his friends and discover unanswered mysteries.

How to play Idle Crafting Empire?

Transformed into the boy, you will be involved in a journey extremely exciting and challenging. Your mission in Idle Crafting Empire is to go deep into the jungle, fighting against Dr. Jelly and other monsters, while having to overcome the obstacles along the way and rescue your friends.

Craft Away 4

It will not be easy to get past the forest, many blocks will block your road and you will have to clean them up so that you can go forward. These blocks are designed quite familiar, that is the idea of Minecraft that I mentioned above. You will have a large hammer (like Thor’s hammer) to break these blocks, clean up the road and continue your journey. To use your hammer, you just have to drag the screen like the way to play the Fruit Ninja, so I will not say much about this operation because it is too familiar.

The game has a lot of fun, for example, you can get a lot of gold when destroying blocks, sometimes you will encounter large purple agar blocks containing countless gold coins inside or double when being a detained pet. With the money earned, you can use it to upgrade your “holy” hammer. There are many different types of hammers, with more power to block the block faster as well as the opportunity to receive more money. For example, the gold hammer will outperform the original green hammer. Meanwhile, rescued pets will accompany you on this journey, which will help you be less lonely, and will also help you break through the blocks to move forward.

Craft Away

Role-playing features

Craft Away 3

Idle Crafting Empire is not only an adventure game, it also has the details of a true role-playing game. Your character will have a level system that increases forward the number of challenges that you pass. When you return to the campground at the edge of the forest, you can use the materials obtained by breaking blocks to make items that increase your character’s stats such as damage and speed. Unlock the character’s special skills to help to break the blocks quickly.

Sound & graphics

The gameplay of this game is quite attractive, graphics of this game also extremely beautiful for your eyes. Inspired by Minecraft, Idle Crafting Empire brings the cubic graphics to the gamers, characters, and animals in the game designed fun, fun. Next to it is the bright color.

The sound of the game is quite light, simple but also highlight the graphics. I do not have much to say about sound in the game because to me that is more than enough.

Should you play Idle Crafting Empire?

Idle Crafting Empire is really fun, my friends. I’m pretty supporters of the game that attractive, simple to play. Idle Crafting Empire is adventurous, challenging and even fun. The game supports both iOS and Android platforms. You can download Idle Crafting Empire via the links below (APK available)

Download Idle Crafting Empire MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

Idle Crafting Empire APKs v1.3.16
Idle Crafting Empire APK (MOD Coins/Gems/Keys) v1.3.16

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