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NameHungry Hearts Diner
PublisherGAGEX Co.,Ltd.
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Hungry Hearts Diner APK, a restaurant simulation game will bring you an unforgettable experience. It allows you to manage an old lady’s restaurant, an extremely cozy and friendly restaurant. This is where everyone wants to come to eat and talk about their stories.

Introduce about Hungry Hearts Diner

A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls

The story

This game sets in a large city in Japan. Amid a lavish city, bustling with people, there are always people struggling with a living. Hungry Hearts Diner has detailed daily life in Japan, a busy country. The developer has made a great game that talks about rising examples in life. Moreover, this game is completely free, you do not need to pay any money to play the game.

In a corner of the city there is an unnamed village, there is a small restaurant from the Showa period, and it is very quiet. At the beginning of the game, the camera goes deep into the village, pull the door to the left, the scene of an old woman working hard at the counter will appear before your eyes. Her husband was seriously ill, so she had to do everything by herself. However, if you sit in the shop long enough, the aroma of fried eggs, tofu, rice balls… can remind you of many memories. Besides, the peaceful feeling will dispel all the fatigue of life.

Simulation and management gameplay

Unlike other simulation games, Hungry Hearts Diner has a much simpler gameplay. Usually, you have to do everything to feel the most realistic. But even though your role is to control the old woman, you are only a third person view. In addition, when making dishes ordered by guests, you just need to select and press “make”, the old lady will cook, serve and collect money automatically. With this gameplay, it can be considered an idle game. Don’t forget, your main task is to help the old lady develop this restaurant.

Typical Japanese dishes

The layout of the restaurant’s dishes makes people think of popular restaurants, where receive all social classes, and in this game, it is the same. Most of the customers who come to the old woman’s shop are manual workers and office workers who work hard in the city. They visit the old woman’s shop during lunch break or after work in the afternoon to recharge after hard times. The restaurant’s signature dishes are rice balls, dried seaweed, raw eggs, cutlets and grilled fish. In addition, the restaurant also has a lot of other dishes, but you have to follow the requirements of the game to unlock it.

Upgrading the restaurant

In addition to using money to make a living, her restaurant needs a lot of renovations. Buy more tables, chairs, open a cooking counter… and to enrich the menu, you can upgrade the tools in the shop to unlock many new dishes. Not only that, upgrading the restaurant can also help attract more diners. However, you can only upgrade the tools in the shop, not repair or decorate it, because the developer wants to keep the ancient and inherent flavor of the shop.

Each customer brings a story to the restaurant

The beauty of Hungry Hearts Diner is in this part. After serving diners, you will hear their own stories. In Japan, everyone is very busy, the pressure of life is extremely great, the old woman’s regular customers are also hardworking people who work hard to living. Although when playing this game, the developer put in it a level system, but I think no one pay attention to it.

What the developer wants people to pay attention to is the story of each customer. While enjoying delicious food, diners here share stories about them. The game is simply to cook favorite dishes for the guests and confide their stories and wishes. Sometimes stories can bring you laughter, and it can also take away your tears.


Game Hungry Hearts Diner is developed with 2D graphics in cartoon style, not too prominent. The game is depicted by simple drawings but shows many colors in life. The characters are all designed in chibi style, very cute and lovely. But you will feel the warmth thanks to the image in the game. That is the cozy feeling of the two grandchildren when cooking together and serving friendly customers. Countryside idyllic with a classic eatery, not a fancy restaurant.

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This game is very popular in terms of both gameplay and graphics. Especially the plot, I don’t know how much the developer has invested in it that it can be so good. Remember, when the sun goes down, whether you are tired or bored with life, look up at the stars in the sky, because wherever you are, there will be someone special to you who can always be available willing to share the stars.

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