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NameHotel Hideaway
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version3.31.2 (build 143742718)
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Hotel Hideaway APK is a fascinating virtual world simulation game of Sulake. This is an online social simulation game where you can interact with many people. In other words, this is an interesting playground for you to meet, get acquainted with and make friends with many interesting characters.

About Hotel Hideaway

Entering this virtual world, you will get lost in a virtual world with lots of fun places and fun activities. A completely new adventure awaits your discovery.

Create your own character

In Hotel Hideaway, you can choose your favorite character. Then you can change the appearance of your avatar. Your avatar has a lot of visual details to look after. From clothes, hair, accessories, jewelry, to make-up or even tattoos. Like Avakin Life, there are many types of clothes, jewelry or items to create your own character. Diverse coordination will help you to create new designs that are never known. That depends entirely on your interests.

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Your design and coordination will partly tell your personality and mood. So be confident to express yourself and impress everyone around you.

Life in Hotel Hideaway

Entering the world of Hotel Hideaway, you will have extremely new experiences. You will meet and chat with many people, make friends with characters you see fit and love. There are lots of fun activities like chatting, learning secret gestures and graceful dances together. In addition, you can join friends to organize parties in public places. This will help you feel very happy and excited.

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To be comfortable playing and expressing yourself, you can build and design a private room. It is a place where you and your friends relax and have fun together. There are many colorful furniture and decorations for you to choose from. Use them to build a room of your dreams, a grand and luxurious play area. It can be said, you will have a completely new life with many new people and freely do whatever you like.

A community in this game

It can be said that Hotel Hideaway is a very clear community building game. The main goal of the game is to interact and make friends. So the community in this game will be very developed. Besides you can comfortably interact with other players. There will be a lot of secrets you need to discover. Remember, every friend and guest needs to know your name. So please build your reputation well and become famous people.

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Besides having fun and boisterous times, you can forge communication skills not only in the game but also in real life. The exchange with many people will help you be more confident in your life relationships. Maybe you can find friends in real life. Moreover, the game has a very interesting dating feature. What if luckily you found the other half of your life? It is fascinating, isn’t it?


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As a simulation game, of course, Hotel Hideaway’s graphics will be invested very meticulously. Beautiful 3D graphics and vibrant colors will create spectacular and exciting fun. Besides, a fun and cute, diverse character system will make you play this game all day.

Download Hotel Hideaway APK for Android

What an interesting game, isn’t it? However, Hotel Hideaway is only for ages 17 and older. It is also true that this is the age to communicate with friends and have a newer awareness about life. Therefore, the game also helps you gain more understanding and confidence in life and relationships. More specifically, you can find interesting friends anywhere in the world. Also, there are many other interesting things you need to discover.

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  • 168284 avatar
    Bryan Mercado

    Can you make a hacked version of this? if you can

  • exbarbarian1998 avatar
    Green Frog

    Need money and diamond mod pls

  • danielmaximiliano0956 avatar

    bring a mod for this,like infinite money,for avakin too,but other peoples can see the clothes please!

  • cynder345 avatar
    Ham Stick

    Can you possibly make a modded version?

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