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Hot Wheels Infinite Loop APK + MOD (Unlimited Nitro) v1.35.0

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NameHot Wheels Infinite Loop
PublisherCreative Mobile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Nitro
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop MOD APK is currently one of the best sports car racing games on mobile. Playing this game, you just need to have a steel spirit, good driving skills, and play with speed. No need to think deeply about the plot or the gameplay anymore.

Introduce about Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop allows you to experience legendary racing cars, such as Twin Mill ™, Bone Shaker ™, Rodger Dodger ™, and Deora II ™… Take turns playing and winning through challenges and climbing on the ranking. Gradually, you will own the greatest racing cars for yourself. This game opens a whole new world of racing where you can do any of the crazy things you can only dream of before.

Create a whole new world of sports car racing

You might be so used to the most traditional, well-organized, detailed, and courteous racing games on your phone. For now, forget all those genres because the racing world in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is completely weird. Here you have no traffic signs, no fixed track, no laws of gravity. Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is the ultimate racing experience like a dream.

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Two game modes are Events and Leagues. In Events, you will participate in solo races to earn rewards. The 8-player PvP tournament mode allows you to compete against other players in real-time mode. This section includes many levels, each of them has a different unique space from New York to London and Japan. You may have the opportunity to show off all your top racing talents to drive the car soaring on the road and crashing each other freely. The aim is to win the competition and be at the top of the ranking.

In Leagues mode, you will receive missions, then receive cars to race. You can freely unleash your skills on the track and try to win to get huge bonuses, then continue to buy new cars and upgrade to experience a series of races in the next mission.

What will you experience in the impressive racing scenes?

Speed ​​and agility are the keys to winning. As for the skills that you have ever wished for, which have only been dreamed of before and never existed in other games, they can come true in this game.

Tap Nitro to perform lightning-like leaps, leaving brightly colored smoke on the road. Or continuously drift the car to gain more power and accelerate in its way. Or roll the car around, bump freely on bumpy tracks full of pitfalls. Or even knock up monstrous enemy racing cars. You are free to do everything.

A super-fast, surreal, super-modern, and super-hard racing game

What you own is the speed and the ability of the car. What you don’t need to pay attention to are gravity barriers and traffic rules. But what you need to practice is Tactical thinking and the coordination of existing skills together quickly and skillfully. Only then can you maintain speed, handle situations, and quickly win every race.

In other words, you have everything in your hand, but if you do not have thinking ability, you will lose everything.

Two tactical directions when racing

In every race, you will race against time. Go to the checkpoints/ stations to get new skills such as speeding, smashing, crashing into enemy cars, or blocking the enemy’s road. Each such checkpoint/ station has its function and only exists for a certain time. So, your main challenge is to take advantage of these limited skills as quickly as possible to have more chances of winning. Sometimes you will have to combine two skills at the same time.

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For example, going through two stations, you can double acceleration and crash over the enemies. You must drive the car fast forward without fear. If you meet any car in front of you, crash on it. The more you hit, the more points you get. But remember to watch the expiration of the skill’s time.

There are two strategic directions that I often find the most effective. The first is to focus on running through checkpoints to continuously take advantage of new skills. The second is to move on your own skillfully to the best of your ability to rush on the road and surpass your opponent. Whichever way you play, the ultimate goal is still a high rank when you reach the finish line.

Graphics and sound

Extremely beautiful 3D graphics and a series of virtual details can make you no longer remember you are racing. It’s like running with the light in a magical, modern, and colorful world of the future.

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The music in the game is also very catchy. The Beat is fast in modern EDM music style that is always fluttering, always hot. The music and detailed effects of Hot Wheels Infinite Loop are indeed a masterpiece.

MOD APK version of Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

MOD feature

Unlimited Nitro

Download Hot Wheels Infinite Loop MOD APK for Android

Believe me! By playing this game, you will not regret a single moment. It is fascinating in every detail. It has super speed, supercars, super skills, and many more super things. This is truly the world of racing that we have been cherishing for a long time. Play Hot Wheels Infinite Loop right away, guys.

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