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Hopeless: The Dark Cave APK + MOD (Unlocked All Weapons) v5.0.0

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NameHopeless: The Dark Cave
Package Namecom.upopa.hopeless
PublisherUpopa Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Weapons
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Hopeless: The Dark Cave MOD APK is a funny shooter released by Upopa Games. This game has both cute and funny vibe because from the context to the gameplay, it gives you hilarious moments in a very lovely way.

Introduce about Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Hopeless in the midst of darkness


You will be a tiny gunner with a fatal weakness: “fear of the dark”. However, God gives him what he hates. Once, he was stuck in a pitch-black cave. When he thought he could cry out, he discovered that this cave was the “escape” door of the dark monsters. Your task is to overcome fear and fight with monsters from small to large, from deformity to extremely powerful.


To add more fear, our little sniper will be the blob stranded alone in the thick darkness. There will be only a tiny speck of pale light shone near the spot. From 360 degrees of the screen, monsters take turns to reveal themselves. You must immediately touch the appearing one to destroy it before being taken away by them.

If you think that playing this game is simply just aiming, reacting quickly, touching the monster to destroy it before falling prey to the dark devil, you are definitely wrong. This game is Hopeless: The Dark Cave, not Fruit Ninja!

In that menacing darkness, there are so many terrible things waiting to appear at any moment, even the most unexpected ones. What is rushing towards you can be either a monster or an ally. If you hit a monster, you will get money. If you hit your teammates, your team will lose points. Each time you save a teammate and gather to stand in the same place, the light area will grow according to the number of them. Continue like this until you save five teammates, then you can collect the maximum points.

But it is not over yet. As the number of allies increases, the number of monsters also becomes greater. They continuously appear from many different directions with various amounts to capture your teammates. If they catch your teammates, you have to continue the journey to save them and kill monsters. The game will end until all the monsters on the screen are killed, or they capture all the gunners on the screen.

Each level will require a different number of surviving allies. The appearing speed of monsters will also increase accordingly. So, in addition to constantly fighting to save your allies, you must collect as much money as possible to upgrade your weapons. The upgrade process will help the gun shoot faster and stronger in order to better protect your teammates.

During the game, to get more advantages, you can buy more blobs (by real cash) to spread the light more and have a better chance of killing the right monster. You can freely choose to pay or not. But in my opinion, playing games naturally is fun and challenging.

Graphics and sound

The threat of darkness creates a strange, scary, and creepy feeling mixed with excitement. The sniper’s shape is like a potato, and the monsters look like a yam. All sloshing around on the screen will create very entertaining scenes.

Despite classic 2D graphics and simple scenes, this game is strangely attractive. The fat blobs are constantly shaking from fear of the dark, and fear of monsters. Their shocked faces every time they discover another teammate’s departure make me laugh a lot. Anyone watching me play this game will probably think I’m going crazy.

My personal opinion

I’ve never seen a shooting game as simple as kidding like this. Nevertheless, the menacing light and dark elements help Hopeless: The Dark Cave bring many mixed emotions to players. You will be scared, excited, hopeful and disappointed at the same time.

It’s really different from the many shooting styles I’ve played. And this is also the reason why I get caught up in completely. Who would have thought that a guy often playing scary shooters can be engrossed in a trivial entertainment game? Play now and you will understand why until now I am still committed to letting it drag for a long time.

MOD APK version of Hopeless: The Dark Cave

MOD feature

Unlocked All Weapons

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This game is truly for entertainment. You can also call your friends on Facebook to challenge and compete together. Download Hopeless: The Dark Cave via the links below.

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