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NameHomo Evolution: Human Origins
Package Namecom.azurinteractive.humanevolution
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Homo Evolution: Human Origins MOD APK is an arcade game from the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. In the game, as a creator, you can do the weirdest things to create all species on earth, including humans.

Homo Evolution: Human Origins: Where will Creator bring us?

The game world is so vast. You can come across a wide variety of genres, themes, and gameplay, both casual and unusual. And if you are looking for a new wind, different from what you have ever known and played, come to Homo Evolution: Human Origins!

The idea of ​​making this game is very “spectacular”, the most bizarre of all the bizarre!

This is an idle game that gives you a glimpse of the emergence and evolution of all species including the origins of humans. The world in Homo Evolution: Human Origins is yours. You are the divine creator who can create many different species without any difficulty. 

But it all happened in a ridiculously funny way.

The weirdest gameplay I’ve ever known

At first, I was confused about how to play the game, when on the vivid color screen everything was standing still, only moving slightly when I touched the main object. We will need to use a small amount of money available to buy one (or a few) first creatures for the early Earth. These strange creatures will be the prerequisites for future development. And all will appear as colorful eggs scattered on the screen first.

Your task is just to tap many times on an egg to help the egg hatch and reveal something inside.

And do you believe it? Manipulation in the game is so easy. It is just touching and dragging creatures to move back and forth. There aren’t any other twists or turns. And the main principle of the game is to “merge two old things into one new thing”.

After the eggs hatch, you simply pull two species together (the same or different) to create a new species. This works continuously in a constant manner. Ultimately, you will create an ecosystem of your own.

Every time a new species is created, you get extra money. This money is used to buy additional exotic species or to buy “evolutionary eggs” that promote and propagate rapidly the entire process to help you complete the job as quickly as possible.

When you tap on one creature, you can receive money. Just be patient enough to tap, then you will get money to buy new eggs to supplement the diversity of your world. If you do not want to do that actively, then you can wait quietly. After a while, the system also automatically gives you an amount of money corresponding to the number of seconds you are waiting for. In the end, money will be available no matter what and eggs are plentiful.

By continually repeating the same manipulation, more and more with randomness and mix, you will create strange species such as different human races with diverse and unpredictable personalities. 

What is the lesson from this bizarre and funny game?

We will see how the human world emerges, clearly through four stages: embryo, individual, community, and the action altogether to create the world. Among them are 8 stages of development of human civilization through the emergence of spectacular scientific achievements such as Television, Internet, Sports, Science, Telecommunications, Virtual Reality, Transformation, and Spirit worship. Choosing to follow or explore any development direction is up to you. Each direction leads to its own path of progress and depression. Play and you will see, with your own eyes, the future ahead of humanity. And these diverse endings are what make me immerse myself in my thoughts and draw a lot of reflection.

Not just a game, Homo Evolution: Human Origins opens up many thoughts

The game has super entertainment. There are hardly any difficulties or challenges. But the end and the whole future bring a lot of thought that can remain in your head for a long time to the point you wish to play again and again to explore the remaining paths and other directions of humanity. Let’s see where it will lead and how it ends.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are simple but funny and sharp in the cartoon style, which will bring you really refreshing laughs. Things do not seem to follow a single principle but turn out to be very related. For example, two small lizards will create a dinosaur. So funny!

The sound is nothing special, just a small, gentle soundtrack and some effects are equally small when strange creatures are created and give you points.

MOD APK version of Homo Evolution: Human Origins

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Your money is not reduced when used. So feel free to use!

Download Homo Evolution: Human Origins MOD APK for Android

The game is very addicting, very strange and the more you play, the more you see the intention of the person who made the game. Very interesting and full of messages.

Please download Homo Evolution: Human Origins, a game you must play once in your life.

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