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NameHomeless Demon King
Package Namecom.studiodrill.devildom
PublisherStudio Drill
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Homeless Demon King MOD APK is a role-playing game from the publisher Studio Drill. You play as a Demon King who was defeated by humans and lost the castle. To restore his lost honor and regain a bright life, he must find all ways to regain the castle.

Introduce about Homeless Demon King

Crying Demon King trying to regain the lost castle

The unseen story about Demon King

A year has passed since the day the Demon King and his castle were destroyed by humans and he had no place to return. To have a place to live and have money to live, Demon King had to work part-time for a convenience store in the neighborhood. But he couldn’t be left alone, day by day the thugs kept finding excuses to tease and insult him in all sorts of ways. Everything including bad and luck came rushing in, causing our Demon King to get intense stress and start… hair loss. Hair felt out a few strands at first, then in patches. Demon King, who was originally not beautiful, had lost all his form and was even bald. So, his elf friend ended up abandoning him because “I don’t want to date a bald guy”.

In his despair, he heard an echo from the depths of his soul and suddenly realized the cause of all this loss, suffering, and misery: “It’s all because of people, they have taken my castle, bringing me into this tragic misery. I’ll take back the demon king’s castle no matter what, I swear!”

So, in the game, you, Demon King will join his henchman, a mushroom devil, to fight each enemy in turn to find a way to regain the lost castle. Demon King’s enemies in the game are things that are also bullshit and weird as this story: Keyboard Warrior, Gold Piggy Bank, Drunkard, Mobster, Knifing Robber, Duel wielding Chef or Gambler… After a battle with one of these characters, you will get a lot of bonuses, this is money saved up to later regain “home”.

The gameplay is so easy that it doesn’t need any instruction or practice

Just touch and hit the opponent in front of you, continuously without stopping until he disappears, then prepare for the next level and collect the money. That is all. But it is this simple gameplay that is the absolute attraction of this game.

After the battles, Demon King will gradually power up to different levels (although it is very slow, eventually it will come to you guys) such as getting more wings, faster movement, and attacks, etc.

Once every 10 Floors, you will be able to obtain a Demon King Mark. You need to have all 10 of these signs to achieve the final goal. It is calculated that when you reach the 100th Floor (corresponding to level 100), you can be eligible for the Succession to become the new generation Demon King and own your castle. And the last, strongest, most terrible boss you have to defeat on this 100th floor is a Steel Knight, the brutal man who defeated you in the past, and now comes back a hundred times more powerful. You have to both fight with a real man and overcome the biggest obsession of your life. So, this is the most difficult, the life-or-death battle with the Demon King.

In the game, there is another unit of measurement, the Soul Gauge, and the Magic Stone. If Gold is the currency for you to get new weapons, new power-ups, the Magic Stone, and the Soul Gauge are what bring higher-level evolutions for the Demon King. At each level of evolution, you will have your own set of skills and power-up types. Taking full advantage of these, you will further shorten the time to defeat the enemy to quickly regain your castle.

The most entertaining graphics

As you have seen, if you say the plot of Homeless Demon King is not funny, there are no games that can be funny anymore. From that, you may guess the satirical spirit that covered all the graphics and images of the game, may not you? For me, I was super surprised as I couldn’t imagine how each Demon King character and all the enemies could be that funny, caricature, and cute. Our Demon King is a “mother’s darling”: easy to cry, short, chubby, cute, fighting wildly, and seems very fragile. Adding a dwarf mushroom demon followed, sometimes it may help a little, but most of the time it is there to cheer up the player, also weird and super funny.

Our opponents are very weird guys. They represent all the filthiest classes of mankind. Being human, but devoid of humanity, these monsters are designed super terribly. For example, Drunkard (the alcoholic bastard) has a sloppy, shaggy beard and hair that stinks, or Knifing Robber has a very suspicious look, his eyes are lying and looking evil.

MOD APK version of Homeless Demon King

MOD feature

God Mode

Download Homeless Demon King MOD APK for Android

It is an arcade game with funny pictures, a funny plot, quick and easy battles. You just need to touch it to play, even with one hand. No thinking, no hesitation, no stress. This game is very entertaining, guys. Download Homeless Demon King to play now!

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