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NameHitman Sniper
Package Namecom.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniperandroid
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $0.99
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Hitman Sniper MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the best shooting games in the world that I have played. Shooting is always a fascinating topic for publishers to exploit, create more attractive games for players. And this genre is no exception to SQUARE ENIX. Hitman Sniper was born a long time ago, but it is still a great sniper shooting game!

About Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is not only highly tactical, but it also requires a sense of acumen and comprehensive vision. Besides, it also requires the ability to use well-trained guns to accomplish assigned missions efficiently. Seriously, Square Enix makes a fascinating game, which makes the player think strategically about combat as well as the skilful use of weapons, and the sharp of each action. If you are a slow reaction to everything I think you should not play this game, otherwise you will fail miserably right from the first mission.

Become a sniper assassin

As a person who has played many versions of the Hitman series, I find that compared to Hitman’s previous version, Hitman Sniper is more “traditional” and also “creative” a lot. The game re-enacts the hardships of the sniper assassins when the player is transformed into Agency 47 with a super-barky head. Day after day, eating, sleeping and killing the designated characters became his life.

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Throughout the game’s plot is a script built by the publisher that you have to explore yourself every time you perform a quest. Sometimes you will find the scenario is quite unexpected because, in addition to the mission of killing, you have the mission of protecting the customer, each challenge of the game is quite difficult but this is also the reason for the game to attract.

After many failures in the game, I am drawn to an experience: To be able to complete the task, from the very beginning easily, need to choose a favorable location. The missions that are assigned will be more complex, always moving from one location to another so that you can quickly terminate the designated objects. Your vision and operations must be extremely fast to be able to find easy-to-operate areas as well as not to disturb or leave any traces.

150 missions, enough?

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Hitman Sniper has a total of 150 different missions with increasing difficulty, a really big number so players can experience and challenge themselves. There are a lot of pitfalls and extra characters appear next to the object that makes you difficult.

Each time the player completes the quest, the player will receive a reward. This reward can be used to upgrade a gun or buy new weapons. This amount is calculated so that you can buy enough for the next mission. So if the next mission fails, then you definitely need to revisit your skills.

Nice graphics but not yet enough

Hitman Sniper is designed with beautiful 3D graphics, live and real. To experience the best game, you should use the device with a big screen. Because of the detailed image clarity of these screens, it gives you more control, more accurate targeting.

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It is quite disappointing that you can not change from first to the third view to track the movement of Agency 47.

MOD APK version of Hitman Sniper

MOD Feaure

Unlimited Money: Money will increase when you use.

Download Hitman Sniper MOD APK for Android

Overall, Hitman Sniper is a good quality game. Not too good or bad. Gameplay is quite attractive, and some of the features are retained when converted from the PC.

If you are really a Hitman fan and want to experience this stealth action shooter game, then you can buy the game to experience quite cheap, only $ 1 for both Android and iOS versions. You can also download the mod version for free if have no money but still want to play.

After experiencing all of this game, you should play part 2 of Hitman Sniper. The new graphics are excellent, and the missions require more thinking ability.

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