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NameHit The Bank
Package Namecom.hitthebank.game
PublisherNinja Publishing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Hit The Bank MOD APK is a simulation game with a static interface and everything is shown through a list that calculates every detail based on the actions and choices of the character. In the game, you will start with empty hands, slowly build everything from zero to slowly become a big businessman.

Introduce about Hit The Bank

Career, Business & Life Simulator!

Everyone wants a second life, do you think the same?

At present, how much of your dream job have you fulfilled? Have you ever wanted to become a great businessman? But fate and conditions did not allow it, or are there any other reasons making you hesitate to do it?

And are you wanting to live a second life to start over everything in the way you want without any other barriers? If you are confident with your talent and business mind, then please come to the world of Hit The Bank.

The progression of the entire simulation life in the game

In the end, the pinnacle of Hit The Bank is becoming a big businessman at the top of a corporation with billions of dollars in revenue. Hit The Bank is an extremely realistic simulation that you need to go through if you really want to get great experiences for the way to your dream, or as I say, simply to live again. You will start everything from Zero: no home, no income, only youth, dreams, and enthusiasm. You will have to work hard to make a living every day, then come to your first official job.

You work hard day and night, even refuse to have fun with friends. But you are still an open person, eager to learn, and able to organize and complete work effectively. You get promoted, your salary increases, and then you become the right hand of the big boss. The career ladder is level up and success is inevitable. If you are really determined, you can become a millionaire near the end of the game.

I emphasize “the end of the game” because there will be many more exciting developments which a person’s life is sure to experience: Luxurious lifestyle, luxury brand clothes, luxury cars, luxurious buildings, private helicopters. But after a while, you will realize that all is not enough, life gradually becomes tasteless, missing something very important. And then you will meet a girl to realize you need love and a home in addition to your achievements. It is like a dream, isn’t it?

What will you learn from this realistic simulation game?

I bet it will be a lot, from the smallest knowledge on the road of life to even the great choices that determine a person’s life. There are things you’ve experienced, things you’ve never tried before, but all in all, all are interesting and especially extremely rich and methodical. OK, let’s see what I learn.

  • How to pursue a job from start to finish seriously and without negligence for just a moment (isn’t this the secret of successful people?
  • Learn about sports you’ve never played before such as golf, baseball, swimming…
  • Do things you’ve never done before like visit a big farm, climb to the top of a mountain, spend a long day relaxing with fishing, play casino and win a ton of money, raise a pet cast…
  • Enjoy the million-dollar life full of house, car, clothes, parties, and luxurious meals.
  • Learn how to balance work and life and how to love someone.

Graphics and sound

With the length of a lifetime, the complex game structure probably can’t handle it. But this game can. It has simple 2D graphics, with a few shapes and small interactions in the main scenes, the rest is a detailed information sheet with letters and numbers, showing the work and the rewards received or the corresponding spending. This combination completely allows the game to do its job well on the mobile platform.

But the main interest comes from these seemingly tasteless information boards. The feeling of victory after getting a good deal, the feeling of satisfaction when being promoted, increasing the amount, the money is like a waterfall pouring into the account. Anyone who has gone to work knows that it is an indescribable feeling of happiness.

The soundtrack of Hit The Bank is light and fresh without too many effects. Although there are no puzzling sensations, it has a good effect when letting players really focus on the progress of the life change.

MOD APK version of Hit The Bank

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Hit The Bank MOD APK for Android

The game is quite mature and quiet. If you have blood to get rich, you absolutely should play this game. Download Hit The Bank to play right here.

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