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Package Namecom.igenesoft.hide
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RequiresAndroid 5.1

A too harsh life can make you tired and bored easily. Why are you not just being leisurely, laughing happily, and living simply? Playing Hide.io, you will find laughter from every little unexpected detail.

Introduce about Hide.io

An extremely suspenseful hide-and-seek game on mobile.

Hide.io is a mobile game based on hide-and-seek, a game that everyone played once in childhood. It is so fun that sometimes its excitement is even carried in our dreams. Playing Hide.io, you will be thrilled again. Your heart will literally be threatened in each game level where the main character is the objects around you. The game is extremely entertaining. Since its launch, it has always been at the top of the best arcade mobile games of all time.

Graphics and sound

Sadly, there is almost nothing worth talking about with the graphics and sounds in Hide.io. Because… they have nothing to say actually. The graphic part is in block style with quite good colors, the detailed designs of objects are good too, and the movement is okay. The sound is also average, not too prominent, not too dramatic, and of course, does not come with any special visual and sound effects.

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But so what? If the above things are perfect, they will only mess up the squad. I mean, the essence of the game’s entertainment element lies 100% in its entertaining gameplay, not in the image or sound.

Thanks to this simplicity, the players will not feel any pressure even when the hide-and-seek is at its climax.

In return, the scenes in Hide.io are quite diverse. You will be thrown into many different spaces to stimulate your imagination and memory. They can be enclosed spaces with simple objects like offices or open spaces with more miscellaneous things like a construction site… Each place has its own beauty and forces you to constantly brainstorm to find the anomaly (seeker) or suitable shelter (hider).


At the beginning of the game, you will choose to be on the hiding side or the seeking side. These two factions are completely opposite in terms of play. For the hiding side, the player will be allowed to dress up as any item they want. The task is simply to hide, blend yourself in with the surrounding details so that everything looks natural and logical, for the other side to have the hardest time finding you. If you belong to the seeking side, you must remember as much as possible the location of the details in space within 60 seconds of the game, then find the differences according to your memory and discover the hidden places of the enemy.

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The only thing you need to remember before entering the fun world of Hide.io is that the right place is the victory. For example, if you choose to turn into a stack of A4 paper, the correct logic is to hide somewhere on the desk, or next to the computer, or at least in the trash can next to the table. If you choose to lie on the bed or toilet, you lose. Which type of paper lies on the bed? Nothing. The more absurd the hide is, the faster the hide is found.

For the seeking side, you only have 6 chances (lives) to find the person hiding. Touch the screen to select objects that are suspected to be the hider. The right touch is ok, and the wrong touch will take a life from you.

For the hiding side, you only have one time to decide where to hide within 60 seconds (with a countdown timer). The seek-and-hide game takes place when 60 seconds have elapsed for the hider. And if the hider goes undetected for the duration of the scene (200 seconds), they are the winner and vice versa.

Although there is a difference in the number of chances, both sides are quite similar in terms of difficulty.

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The “battles” between the two factions of hiding and seeking take place in real-time. And you can choose to hide, seek alone with the AI, or play in groups. For me, I find it more fun to have a team. Not to mention that when you have such a team, you can silently discuss with your side what is the tactic to seek or hide. Human-to-game and human-to-human interactions like this make it all extremely exciting, right?

What can you upgrade?

The longer you play, the more upgrades you get. And to a certain extent, you and your team can create your own makeup items to hide better. The downside here is that the game cannot save those new items, so every time you restart the game, you must create them again. But that’s okay. You know, as the game is good, that downside can be forgiven. Hopefully, the next time the developer will fix this error to help players continue their creation.

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The game is not too beautiful but is too exciting. Playing and immersing yourself in the never-ending hide-and-seek in Hide.io, you will find that sometimes the excitement of entertainment comes from very popular gameplay and principles.

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